Clubbing Is Culture: A Mini Documentary

The ‘Clubbing is Culture’ mini documentary is a collaborative project between Thinkhouse, No More Hotels and Algorithm.

The mini doc features the voices of five prominent cultural commentators and creators against a backdrop of light projections on some of the most iconic former clubbing venues in Dublin.

The Voices

Hazel Chu – Dublin Lord Mayor

Philly McMahon - ThisIsPopBaby

Mona Lxsa – Founder of Gxrl Code

Una Mullally – Writer & co-presenter of United Ireland

John Mangru – Designer & Clubber

The Film

The Film was Directed and Edited by THINKHOUSE's Film production team members Matt Mantalvanos and David Balfe and features special memories projected onto some of Dublin’s club venue carcasses by Algorithm on Culture Night.

Produced by Andrea Horan and Dave Byrne

Publicity by Andrea Horan and Laura Wall.

We joined forces with No More Hotels and Algorithm on Culture Night, an event that seeks to ‘Connect Through Culture’, to highlight the value of clubbing for connection; what’s lost when we dismiss its value and to reinforce the fact that clubbing is indeed, culture. For this event, the carcasses of some of the most iconic former clubbing venues which have since been replaced with hotels came alive again with scenes of what has gone before and with pleas of where we need to go.

If clubbing continues to be excluded from the traditional definition of culture in people’s minds, we’ll see the eradication of a culture that has persevered through some of humanity’s hardest times, has helped people survive and thrive and has been the catalyst for some of fashion, art, theatre and music’s most iconic moments. Culture.

For this mini doc, we brought together some of our favourite thinkers and makers who are immersed in club culture to talk about what clubbing means to them, including Lord Mayor Hazel Chu who is part of the Night Time Economy Task Force that was set up this year.

With this project, we celebrate the fact that clubbing brings people together, it provides growth, art and identity - as well as a rich economy. We celebrate how clubbing enables us to communicate, create and connect in unique and magical ways.

No More Hotels started as protest party. Dave Byrne, Head of Creative at THINKHOUSE and Founder of No More Hotels, said:

“Myself and Andrea Horan started NMH in a different time. When we were witnessing the eradication of spaces dedicated to dance. We wanted to encourage people to see clubbing for what it was – culture – and something you have to work hard to nurture and protect. As with all culture, if it’s not nourished and given the space to grow, it will die. And whilst it may not be your culture, that does not invalidate the fact that clubbing is indeed, culture.

Now, in a pandemic, the clubbing is culture message is as important, if not more. As our economy is battered and industries are crying out for support, if we can’t even consider the culture we love to be culture, how can we expect those who are not part of it to consider it worthy of supporting and saving. To be culture."

Jane McDaid from Thinkhouse said "The current invitation for contributions to the Dublin City Development Plan, which is underway until the 22nd February, allows us come together to shape a city that offers a vibrant night life culture. We enjoyed working with our friends and kindred spirits on this passion project - something dear to all of our hearts. I hope that this mini-documentary will remind people why clubbing is worth fighting for, worth representing and worth recognising as culture."

Kev Freeney from Algorithm said "Algorithm started its journey in multiple clubs and venues across Dublin. At one point we had residencies in three clubs at the same time.

We got to work alongside some of the most talented DJs and Musicians both locally and globally and our team has personally become friends and colleagues with promoters, sound engineers, venue owners and producers etc. The core skills we learned and developed in these clubs have evolved into everything we do. Without clubs there wouldn’t be the Algorithm you know today."

Nightclubs in Dublin have always been versatile spaces where people from all backgrounds can come together to enjoy themselves – we can’t lose this.

Clubbing is for dancing, art, music and human expression. Clubbing is Culture.

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