THINKHOUSE brings international thought leaders together for Youth Culture Uncovered 2024, The Future of News

THINKHOUSE, the full-service marketing agency that’s powered by youth culture, is hosting “Youth Culture Uncovered 2024 - The Future of News” in its HQ at Dublin’s Fumbally Square on June 11th at 8:30am. Led by The Youth Lab, Thinkhouse’s youth insights department, this year’s Youth Culture Uncovered explores young people’s attitudes towards, and influence on, news; news creation, news media and news consumption.

The event brings some of the most progressive minds from the world of marketing, tech, media and culture together to understand the needs, views, outlooks, behaviours and habits of the next generation and how brands, organisations, businesses and news producers need to respond.

This two hour (invite only) event includes a presentation by George Montagu, Head of Insights & Senior Manager, FT Strategies, The Financial Times, UK who will share the seminal research and report “Next Gen News ” which was developed by FT Strategies in partnership with Knight Lab supported by the Google News Initiative. Following that, a panel discussion with Mark Little, (Journalist & Founder of Storyful); Mark Coughlan (Assistant Editor, Digital, RTÉ Current Affairs) and Professor Colleen Murrell, DCU (Irish Research lead for the Reuters Digital News Report) will further explore the findings.

A highlight of the event will be a panel discussion with young content creators and TikTok stars including Andrew Nolan, Seamus Lehane, Katja Mia, Aideen Lanigan and Fiona Frawley.

Claire Hyland, Head of The Youth Lab, said: 2024 is a year where half the world will vote - it’s a year where news has never been more important - not just for influencing outlooks but impacting behaviours that will have massive societal consequences. A.I. and bot-generated content goes head-to-head with accurate news reporting from credible journalistic platforms. And of course, there’s a generation of creative content creators who curate and re-shape news for their communities' consumption. We’re here to help our clients understand who or what will win out in influencing today’s 18-24 year olds. ”

The event explores how brands will break through the noise to earn attention and demystify what the future holds for content creators, brands, businesses and news producers.

Following the event, a report will be published on THINKHOUSE’s channels and website.

For more information about the event or to enquire about an invitation, please contact