THINKHOUSE launches The Love Network 2.0 amid an emerging $250 billion global Creator Economy

THINKHOUSE, the creative communications agency, launches The Love Network 2.0, a tech-enabled, custom-built platform that helps brands grow brand love through a global network of 7.8m Creators, Influencers and Changemakers.

The Love Network 2.0 is THINKHOUSE’s newest platform for the Creator Economy (formerly Influencer Marketing). In addition to the database built by the agency over two decades, it capitalises on the latest technology to identify and measure the most impactful creators, communities and networks of people to garner insights, broadcast brand messaging and drive conversation in culture.

Explosion of The Creator Economy

There are now 4.9 billion people on social media; the market of the creator economy worldwide* is worth $250 billion today, set to double in size over the next five years to $480 billion by 2027.

In research by The Youth Lab, as part of ‘Youth Culture Uncovered 2023,’ 82% of Gen Z say they’re ‘more trusting of brands that use real people and stories in their advertising,’ making the Creator Economy (and authenticity in this space) more important than ever.

The agency predicts that brand investment in the Creator Economy will more than double over the next 10 years and, in order to future-proof its offering, has made considerable investment to ensure the agency’s full-service offering is advanced and progressive. Built on a solid base of insights from The Youth Lab (THINKHOUSE’s youth culture insights department); combined with a unique tech-stack; complemented by a network of partners built over 20-plus years; THINKHOUSE has spent 18 months building and investing in The Love Network.

Donagh Humphreys, Head of Social & Digital Innovation, THINKHOUSE, said: “The power of the creator economy is firmly established. Online, it's fueling the very growth of social media platforms. Offline, creators are having a profound effect on how brands do business, and how news travels. For instance, creator-led brands like PRIME and Chamberlain Coffee are posing strong competition for traditional brands, while TikTok trends are reshaping in-store product sales. Creator Economy-powered solutions like TikTok Shop are threatening to disrupt tech platforms like Amazon and advertising revenue with traditional media platforms are predicted to shift downward in favour of endorsement-led, Creator Economy marketing. The bottom line is, ignore Creators at your brand or organisation’s peril. We've trialled The Love Network with our clients in recent months - demonstrating the power of tapping into the Creator Economy to grow brand love, brand fame and to drive important conversations. Many marketeers remain uncertain about the value of collaborating with creators, concerns that are not uncommon so we believe it’s important that marketing leaders have access to trustworthy expertise, technology and guidance in this area.”

In 2024, Thinkhouse will continue to invest into the research & development of The Love Network 2.0 to ensure that the company is recognised as an international pioneer for brands and organisations that want to create impact through a global network of Creators, Influencers and Changemakers.

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