Barry's Tea - In The Wild

Barry’s Tea came to THINKHOUSE with an exciting brief - to create talkability and resonance with Irish tea drinkers through a stand out campaign enriched with new thinking, ideas and ways of reaching our audience. They tasked us with showing up in a way that was both innovative and in keeping with the brand’s iconic status.

As Covid restrictions began to ease, we knew that everyone was looking for ways to get out and about more, for both self-connection and shared moments of enjoyment. Coffee is a well-versed category for on-the-go occasions, but what about tea? With more and more repertoire drinkers (different hot drinks, based on their moods) this was a phenomenal opportunity for Barry’s Tea to own the innovative space of “tea on the go” in 2021.

To position Barry’s Tea as being THE tea for those new moments of consumption, we launched an on-the-go tea movement called Barry’s Tea In The Wild. This would show tea drinkers that they can enjoy Barry’s Tea anywhere: after their sea swim, on a hike, walking the city streets or with the kids at the park.

To kick off the ‘In the Wild’ campaign we partnered with Galz Gone Wild, a credible community of female hikers with a strong online presence. The first element of this exciting partnership was a Barry’s Tea In The Wild sponsored hike. The hike was a massive success with all spots filling up within three hours of going live. This made for really engaging user-generated content from the day and beautiful content for Barry’s Tea channels.

We followed this with a six-part ‘Tea Trails’ social series focusing on wild areas in rural settings. Every fortnight, Mel from Galz Gone Wild featured her favourite spots to sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of Barry’s Tea in the wild. Each post captured a different type of wild landscape with Mel running competitions to win spots on future GGW adventures.

We also created four different themed bespoke Barry’s Tea In the Wild gift drops targeted to a diverse range of audiences that have one thing in common - they all love adventures in the wild. The Barry’s Tea reusable mug featured in each of the gift drops, reinforcing the key message of taking Barry’s Tea on the go when #InTheWild.

Next, we partnered with two TikTok content creators who specialise in creating breathtaking content of scenic landscapes around the country. Their videos featured scenic views of rural and urban settings with the branded Barry’s Tea reusable mug as a focal point, reinforcing key messaging.

We also reached our Barry’s Tea fans by sharing the GGW content series on our own social channels with paid support. We engaged with the great UGC and #InTheWild tags generated by the campaign. And, we captured the best quality UGC to use on our own channels.

Camille O’Flanagan, Marketing Director, Barrys Tea, said: “We tasked THINKHOUSE with finding an innovative way to recruit younger fans while also reinforcing existing brand loyalty. The In The Wild campaign moves the brand into an entirely new space that’s perfect for modern Ireland and feels really fresh and relevant for a new generation of Barry’s Tea fans.”

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