Earth Rising at IMMA

So much of what IMMA do and their vision for the future really aligns with the vision and strategy of THINKHOUSE so to partner with them and develop a brand for their inaugural eco-art event at IMMA, Earth Rising, just made sense.

IMMA, Ireland’s National Cultural Institution for Modern and Contemporary Art. Has a diverse and ambitious programme of exhibitions, commissions and projects by leading Irish and international artists, as well as a rich engagement and learning programme which together provides audiences of all ages the opportunity to connect with contemporary art and unlock their creativity.

The very first Earth Rising was a weekend of climate-related programming, showcasing the most exciting innovators in the field of eco-citizen science, design, and creativity, enabling intergenerational dialogue and empowering audiences to become agents of change.

The brief for our creative team included the design of logo and colourways, creative social media assets & poster design. Developing a brand that is compelling and intriguing and is anchored in the ideas behind the event, drawing from themes of earth, sustainability, science and creativity. The design assets should draw the eye of a younger cohort and should reach beyond the 18-35 the traditional museum-goers of Ireland and Dublin.

Kate Dennehy, THINKHOUSE Designer, on the design elements

This idea focuses on the idea of cycles. Although visually focusing on the sun and moon cycles, the idea references the prominence of cycles in nature in general including seasons and growth and decay as well as the planets. The use of circular motifs and delicate typeface gives the design a celestial aesthetic and the use of gradients, a nod to the light and dark side of the moon.

Earth Rising

Earth Rising, IMMA’s new Eco Art Festival, presents over 70 contributors, artist commissions, talks, workshops, Seed STUDIO and showcases a stunning Built to Disappear eco pavilion sponsored by Lioncor and designed by Reddy Architecture + Urbanism. Over the three days, Earth Rising will plant the seeds of sustainability, enabling audiences of all ages to participate, discuss, experiment, and innovate. The festival, which focuses on citizens assembly, brings together a wide variety of eco artists, practitioners and activists from across the island of Ireland. An eclectic live music lineup and a variety of food stalls will add to the energetic atmosphere on site promising an engaging and enjoyable free day out for everyone.

IMMA, Dublin

Since its inception, IMMA has been a space for activism, locally rooted and globally connected. As an institution concerned with contemporary culture, IMMA is inherently well-disposed towards innovation and experimentation, both critical for the generation of new programmes that capture the imagination, build momentum, and have the power to create social change. In a world that is changing so rapidly, IMMA is constantly looking ahead, radically rethinking the role of the cultural institution and developing a boundary-pushing vision which focuses on its role as a radically public space and a catalyst for change.

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