Here Come the Ghoul Times - THINKHOUSE at Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, sooo it’s time to get spooky. Whether you’re in it for the horror movies and the ghost stories or if you’re only into it for the fun stuff; the parties, the fancy dress and the treats, Halloween is the almost global celebration we all love.

But it’s not just bobbing for apples and carved pumpkins, Halloween is big business. According to Business Wire Halloween in 2018 reached a record-breaking $9.1 billion in retail spending in the US. It’s Millennials who are leading the way having made Halloween their favorite holiday, it’s truly fangtastic opportunity for brands to connect with their customers around an occasion that they love.

At THINKHOUSE. We love Halloween so when brands wanna get demonstrably demonic, we’re screaming with joy! Here are some of our more spooktacular Halloween activations, including some spirits we like to work with, in no particular order.

Orchard Thieves Blood Orange... terrifyingly good cider.

Some of our all time favourite scary films for Jameson - can you name them all?

Again from “Tortured Thieves”. Get it before it disappears!

Less chilling and more Hygge for Barry's tea.

Like Pixar meets Dracula - another Tortured Thieves classic from the halloween vaults.

Although not for Halloween - a Friday the 13th post that scared the life out of our feeds.

Fangs for the memories (evil laugh)