Island's Edge Bar Staff Events

Island’s Edge stout is a refreshing new take on smooth and creamy. With softened bitterness, notes of tea and basil and an unexpectedly refreshing finish, Island’s Edge is a modern take on stout for the next generation of stout drinkers.

When introducing a new stout to the market, one group is fundamental to getting the perfect pint into consumers' hands: the nation’s bar staff. We wanted to show our appreciation to the people who have already helped make Island’s Edge a success story by hosting a series of events in their honour.

And so, for people who give up their entire weekends to make sure we enjoy ours, we wanted to create an experience to make their weekend as unexpected and refreshing as a pint of Island’s Edge.

Introducing The Discovery Gaff: a bespoke, multifaceted event to show Ireland’s beloved bar staff that we know they’re the cream on our pints.

The Island’s Edge Discovery Gaff was a series of exclusive events for bar staff held across locations in Dublin and Cork, hosted by much loved, industry leaders, Aaron Wall and Kevin Stanton. Each “gaff” was kitted out with a bespoke design that gave the environs a relaxing and luxurious feel.

The bar staff were treated to an immersive audio-visual sensory experience, letting them into the world of Island’s Edge; exciting them, educating them, and heightening their senses to the refreshing taste.

In Dublin, we partnered with Allta, one of the city’s most exciting and innovative restaurants, to produce delicious food that pairs with the Island’s Edge tasting notes.

We crafted a fun and educational pub quiz with great prizes up for grabs and kept bar staff on their toes with a pint-pulling competition. The events featured performances from top Irish DJs and a special live performance from Gemma Dunleavy and Roisín Berkley.

Over 700 bar staff attended The Discovery Gaff over the course of eight nights - a refreshing result that was far from unexpected.

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