Jameson Another Door Opens

THINKHOUSE, Jameson Whiskey’s new social & digital content agency partner with headquarters in Dublin, has delivered “Another Door Opens,” its first major global social content campaign since winning the Jameson Whiskey account in May 2020 in an international pitch process.

‘Another Door Opens’ (40” master, 15” and 6” cutdowns) airs globally on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram as well as airing on TV in the UK and Australia.

The global campaign was developed to support Jameson Whiskey’s trade partners in rebound, serving as a rallying call to celebrate the reopening of our much loved local bar - wherever it is in the world.

‘Another Door Opens’ documents doors across the world reopening, instigating connections in real life across the world. The content captures the feeling of an ever-shifting social environment and captures this unique tone from a globally interconnected perspective. It opens in ‘hometainment’ and ‘3rd space’ settings ‘from cocktails in the kitchen to putting the bar in the barber shops’; reflecting the lockdown social moments that have replaced the much loved bar experiences. The ad closes in a more familiar setting - the welcoming, lively environments of our much beloved, local bar. The content suite includes a series of Giphy stickers as well as shorter edits.

Fiona Curtin, Global Planning & Comms Director, Jameson Whiskey, Irish Distillers said; “Many variables are at play when we consider globally what is happening, and so it would be wrong to have a film that just explicitly tries to celebrate reopening in a classic jubilant style. Instead, we show a new sense of perspective, a reawakening of the importance of the bar trade in our community, and a recognition that things have changed. Through connection and human interaction we deliver a film that captures this, with a nuanced and optimistic feel.”

Led by THINKHOUSE, in partnership with studios around the world, scenes for the ad were shot in Dublin, South Africa, New York, New Delhi, London, Australia, and at the Jameson Whiskey Distillery in Midleton. Music for the ad is ‘Giants’ by Irish artist Dermot Kennedy, friend of the brand and award winning Irish musician.

The campaign is supported by local trade activations and an online photo-journalism series with AnOther magazine where bars in Sydney, Jakarta and London shared their stories of bars reopening their doors to a new world.

The campaign launched in Australia and South Africa this month with messaging tailored to reflect local government guidelines. In Australia the creative was supported by an on trade activation whereby Jameson Whiskey bought customers their first round at the bar, supporting bar owners who’s businesses were closing during lockdown.

Dave Byrne, Head of Creative at THINKHOUSE said; “It's been over 12 years since THINKHOUSE launched an In-house Film Production Studio for social and digital content. Our innovative, efficient and effective production model is a welcome alternative from the old-school agency models. For this ad we engaged with local production studios in various cities around the world and worked with them, safely and under our creative vision, via an online platform. In addition to that, our team also shot locally in Dublin and Cork before editing in house and with Windmill Lane. Without needless air miles, this carbon-low production model allowed us to capture footage and scenes in seven different countries before editing and producing the final version locally in Dublin. This is another demonstration of our agency’s non-conventional approach to new marketing models that are built on digital innovation, sustainability, diversity and collaboration.”

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