Lucozade Alert’s marketing Gets Sharp on Tik Tok

In 2022, keeping up those mental energy levels to stay sharp is more of a challenge than ever before. Whether it’s long hours studying, staying up to play the latest big Games release or just trying to juggle modern life - real people are looking for real energy for real moments. Enter Lucozade Alert…It’s on!

Suntory Beverage and Food Great Britain and Ireland (SBF GB&I) tasked its agency partner Thinkhouse with creating a disruptive launch activation that would help all energy-seekers across the UK pick up a Lucozade Alert.

Lucozade Alert is the newest member of the portfolio and is designed to meet people’s everyday energy needs. With Vitamin B3 (to help combat tiredness), a big caffeine hit and bursting with Lucozade taste (in Tropical Burst, Cherry Blast and Original flavours) it’s the perfect solution for those looking to get sharp.

In a rapidly growing category, it was essential for it to land loud in culture. From consumer research and insights the team quickly identified TikTok as the campaign’s cultural playground. Working in partnership with TikTok, Suntory Beverage and Food Great Britain and Ireland’s agencies and Creator Community - the agency which specialises in youth audiences - set about landing the brand in culture.

The rise in interest in online quizzes and word games (anyone for Wordle or Nerdle?) proved a rich, playful and highly relevant territory, ideal for Lucozade Alert to activate its new drink with the ‘Get Sharp TikTok Quiz’ - a fun, engaging and fame-driving campaign.

To land big in culture, two of the UK’s most popular content creators, Eden Harvz (2.9 million followers) and Cole Anderson James (1.2 million followers) were brought on board. Using 5 rapid-fire questions (made specifically to fit TikTok’s extended 60-second video format) the campaign tested the alertness of the nation. For wider engagement and amplification, TikTok users were prompted to share their results in the comments. The competition was hot and trended across all quiz rounds on the brand page, driving huge engagement and positive audience sentiment.

“TikTok’s golden rule and mantra has always been “don’t make ads make TikToks”. Embracing a current trend in social quizzes, utilizing two well known TikTok influencers, driving marginal engagement gains through native interactive elements and executing it all with a creative and media strategy working hand in hand, meant that this campaign outperformed all expectations.” said Donagh Humphreys, Head of Social & Digital Innovation, Thinkhouse.

The campaign’s content has been viewed 44 million times with over 250k engagements and an overall 510% increase in profile following. The campaign finished up at the end of March.

“By rooting the idea in TikTok culture and working in partnership with iconic TikTok stars - this fame-driving TikTok campaign demonstrates how powerful it is when youth insights combine with new social media formats and Creators to land a new brand in culture.” said Zoe Trimble, Head of Lucozade Energy at Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I.

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