Our Top 5 Social & Digital Content

Thinkhouse is famous for creating social media for some of the world's leading brands. We engage audiences with smart youth marketing strategies, effective targeting and innovative, relatable, creative content.

In no particular order, here's 5 of our favourite creative ideas for social and digital content over the last few months. Of course, we're sharing these posts, without context of the overall strategy, but enjoy them for what they are.

Heineken® Rugby

We created a series of rugby posts (heyo!) for Heineken® to celebrate the Rugby World Cup, featuring miniature versions of the stadiums where Ireland is playing their first four games using 3D models, a series of product photographs and some After Effects trickery.

Hunky Dorys - Stampede of Flavour

Hunky Dorys asked us to bring its iconic Buffalo to life on social. This Stampede of Flavour video (the first in a series of three) has received a stampede of interaction on social.

Orchard Thieves - Fox It

Some of our social-first work only gets unlocked once our audience engages with it, so here’s a peek behind the curtain. When we shot the Orchard Thieves ‘Fox It’ campaign with Ian McElhinney earlier this year our social team wanted some bespoke content for community management, so we created a set of gifs to respond to fans.

Barry's Tea - The Possibili-teas

Barry's Tea wanted to raise awareness and encourage trial and re-purchase of their Fruit & Herbal Infusions range on special offer in SuperValu. We created the following video which was emailed to SuperValu customers and appeared in 70 stores nationwide.

MyImpact App - Unnecessary have just launched MyImpact, an app dedicated to helping reduce household waste by asking people to think carefully about what they buy. Household consumption contributes to more than 60% of global GHG emissions which is why we are excited about helping them deliver this important message.

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