Zero Need for a Dry January

Following a successful launch of Heineken 0.0 into the marketplace in 2019 we needed a fresh campaign to ensure the brand is positioned as the go-to 0% alternative for Dry January 2022. For those looking to give up alcohol completely or just cut back, the challenge this year was to inject some fun into, what can be for some, the driest month of the year.

Zero craic? Have some 0.0 craic!

That was the plan.

By commissioning research we unlocked some brilliant insights including the fact that 70% of Irish adults were ‘likely to participate in Dry January this year’ and 65% of people feel that it’s ‘easier to go alcohol-free now thanks to the great 0% options available.’

With a brilliant sense of humour, down-to-earth relatability and large following, we identified Irish TV personality, Lucy Kennedy as the perfect Ambassador to tell people what the craic is with Heineken 0.0.

Complementing this PR launch, we issued a special, limited edition ‘Advent Calendar’ inspired Heineken 0.0 ‘Dry Packs’ to key press and media. Behind each ‘day’ was a refreshing gift from Heineken 0.0 and a suggested fun activity to do that day. These drops landed with influencers and media and really moved the conversation over to social.

With major earned media coverage as well as zeitgeist conversations on social, we landed a total campaign reach of over 2 million!

Anna Walsh - Heineken Brand Manager

‘Dry January is the biggest ownable occasion for Heineken® 0.0. And with a growing number of Irish adults giving Dry January a go, there is a huge positive movement towards more choice and moderation. This year at Heineken® 0.0 , we evolved our campaign from solely focusing on the ‘healthy January mindset’. It’s an overwhelming month after all and we’re living in strange times. This year, we wanted to show that less alcohol doesn’t mean less craic. Once again, the team at Thinkhouse took the brief and ran, acting as effortless brand guardians to deliver a newsworthy insight-driven PR campaign that delivered the right messaging in a credible way, while also having a bit of 0.0 craic!’