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Theme, Truth, Anthem, Rhythm, Threads, Thirst(y), Month, Think... That’s just a selection of some of the alternative names we considered for YOUTH, picked more for their inclusion of the letters ‘TH’ than how they relate to the contents of this online publication (for some reason the term e-zine makes our skin crawl).

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I See A Different You

For many first world inhabitants, the first images evoked by the word ‘Africa’ are still those of poverty. In 2011, a group of young photographers from Soweto in Johannesburg, twins, Innocent and Justice Mukheli, and their friend Vuyo Mpantsha, grew weary of their neighbourhoods being portrayed in the same tired, stigmatised way when there were other narratives playing out around them.

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Train Writers

Train Writer is one name given to a graffiti artist who illegally spray paints commuter trains. Its origins date back to the birth of modern graffiti culture in New York and some consider it the truest form of graffiti. Writers travel all over the world painting on trains and face severe legal repercussions if they get caught. YOUTH spoke to a writer and asked him why he does it…

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It’s Been Emojional

Emoji is the most communicated language in the world today. Digest that for a moment. The explosion of smartphone emoji apps has insured these miniature portraits have become a staple part of youth vernacular across the world, bringing added colour and emotion to WhatsApp messages, Snapchat stories and Facebook status updates. For the uninitiated, The Youth Lab is going to shed some light on what the most-used emojis actually mean. You are never going to look at the splash emoji the same way again. Let’s get emojional.

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Shaggy, 90s Nostalgia And The Bold Hour

With acts like Aqua, Craig David and S Club selling out venues all over the UK & Ireland, it's clear to the team at YOUTH that 90s nostalgia is at its peak. It was this refound love for 90s music that resulted in 100s of people queuing around the block in March for Orchard’s Thieves ‘Bold Hour’.

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