The Crystal Method

Editorial Intro

Oh haaaaaaiii lovers, we’re looking into our crystal ball this edition and taking you on a journey into the wide, weird, and wonderful world of healing crystals.

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The Crystal Maze

YOUTH magazine takes a look at the rise and rise of the popularity of crystals around the world, and the social media trend taking what was once an alternative practice, firmly into the mainstream

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The Darkness of the Mined

The intense boom driving the increase in the crystal trade in the last number of years has seen mining increase on a massive scale. YOUTH has a look at the impact that’s having and what conscientious crystal users can do about it.

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Oh Don't Mine Me, I'm Just Manifesting.

Before commencing the reading of this article, you will need to gather all your crystals, assemble them into your preferred grid shape, light seven sticks of incense and drink a cup of river water that has been blessed by a druid and bathed in the light of a blue moon.

I JEST I JEST! Of course, I’m only joking. (the druid is optional!)

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