Issue 23

DIY Videography

Words by Sam

I’ve always been captivated with videography and how visuals can tell a story...

Videography for me is a way of communicating and getting a message across in the best way possible. It’s something that can document a whole moment and it lasts forever. In an era where people have such short attention spans, people love seeing visuals that they can connect to. It’s something a lot of people think you have to get a formal education on but you’d be surprised the amount you can learn from YouTube tutorials and just taking that leap of faith.

I started filming my friends who were musicians and then shot music videos for local artists I connected with on Instagram. There is so much you can learn yourself by just going out and doing it. I strongly believe that you can learn and do anything you want. We have so many tools online and there are so many apps that give us the freedom to create anything we want. - Sam