Issue 16


GRL GNG (pronounced Girl Gang) is a platform aimed at aspiring and established female artists based in the UK. GRL GNG is a community, a way of life designed to inspire, uplift and push women to the forefront. It's all about sticking together and celebrating one another's talents no matter what background you're from. They produce cyphers, exclusive free-styles and interviews while also hosting some incredible live events, showcasing some of the hottest females in the game.

We, at GXRL CØDE have always admired GRL GNG so we jumped at the chance to collaborate with them on a recent social takeover. We hijacked their Instagram for 24 hours as we visited Vanessa Ifediora’s Zone In Exhibition and then went to show our support for our fellow GXRL CØDE member Celavied Mai as she performed for Hard Working Class Heroes in Yamamori Tengu. On 24th October they took over the GXRL CØDE Instagram so check out our social to see the other half of our GRL GNG Freaky Friday.

We interviewed Naysap AKA Naomi Richardson, a fashion stylist, photographer, and the Creative Director and Founder of GRL GNG. Naysap created GRL GNG after she used to co-host on a radio show and most of the guests they would have on the show were male, so she got inspired to start creating a series of all-female cyphers.

“The first ever cypher we shot was like two years ago and then after the we got offered to do a show at Boxpark which was great and also a big challenge as I’d never run movement before so kinda threw us in at the deep end!”

Months later GRL GNG started to develop into a platform/community and now they run events, produce cyphers and freestyles and are now in the process of curating interviews.

They operate on a strict no boys policy. Men are allowed to come to their events but just aren’t allowed to take part in the freestyles, shows etc. because men do everything together in the industry. Women aren’t supported like men are in this game and that's why GRL GNG is so important. They’ve created a safe place where women can feel comfortable and do their thing, support one another and share knowledge and experiences.

Events are definitely an integral part of GRL GNG. From day one they have always had a great turn out, the amount of people that come out to support is crazy and it keeps getting better and better. The energy and vibes at their shows is incredible, nothing but positivity and love. It really is a reflection of Naysap and how she carries herself.

And what are the goals and aspirations for the future of GRL GNG?

“To take over the world lol ! Just keep ya eyes peeled and see what we have up our sleeve.”

Check out their Instagram @GRLGNGLDN for upcoming shows and releases . For a play-by-play of the GXRLCODE takeover, press that play button...

Grace Enemaku

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