Issue 23

The Importance Of Collectives

Words by Aby

We live in the social media era that makes connecting to artists and music lovers easier. This has made a massive impact on my music as a whole.

We live in a time where creating independently isn’t as daunting as facing record labels. Platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music have given artists like myself the freedom to spread my music globally without ever stepping foot into a studio.

The idea of sitting around and waiting for someone to come and make my dream come true just didn’t make sense to me. YouTube became my goldmine and where I discovered some amazing sounds and learnt how to play the guitar. With the bank of sound I've explored I was able to communicate and develop a sound with Moyo that created an exciting buzz that birthed the foundation of all my songs.

The collective became a safe space where music was our language, it broke down barriers between our differences and opened new doors for creativity and confidence building. Having a supportive body of people sharing a common passion for music motivates me to continuously grow my art. From producing to writing and recording, to getting it mixed, all has been done under a small ecosystem that we’ve built as a collective.

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