Meet the Teen Bosses Changing the World

"I planned to write my book, Millionaire for Teens when I turned 20, then I realised - why wait?" - Abdullah, 16, The Love Network


Armed with the internet, the capability to contact anyone around the world and a hustler mentality driven by a thirst for productivity – 99% of Youth Culture Uncovered respondents feel being productive is important. Young entrepreneurs are seizing their futures and marching on to their own success.

They're not messing around with Mickey Mouse lemonade stands either – they're selling homemade slime in school and setting up largescale, multi-million-dollar enterprises with serious klout. Take 14-year-old Moziah 'Mo' Bridges, founder of Mo's Bows. Mo's colourful men's accessories retail in Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus, and he has secured a partnership with the NBA.

16-year-old Benjamin 'Kickz' Kapelushnik is the Sneakerdon, and counts DJ Khaled, Kanye, and Young Thug amongst his clients, sourcing the most exclusive kicks for the world's biggest sneakerheads.


They're using their business skills for good – making sure to give back and make a positive change in their world. This is not surprising, seeing as 100% of our Youth Culture Uncovered respondents aged 16-18 felt having a positive impact on society was vital. Summing up the 'Era of Self Salvation', they're making waves to save themselves and their world because the older generations won't.

Harry McCann, the 19-year-old serial entrepreneur, founded the Digital Youth Council with the aim of 'giving a voice to young people interested in technology and providing them with a platform to influence the National Digital Strategy, and the future of technology in education.'

Ciara-Beth Griffin (17), founder of MiiContact has developed an app to help kids diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder make eye contact to better engage with the world around them. Ciara-Beth has also been working with UNESCO's campaign for empathy education and wants to show the world that autism doesn't define the person.

Tomorrow's leaders are no longer waiting for tomorrow to improve their lot.

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