Coors Light Cabin

Some say TV and theatre are dead. We say: “Let’s take what people love about TV and theatre, and bring it into a space 18-35 year olds are active in. Social.”

Over the last 12 months, Coors Light has grown social engagement 239% leveraging a strong tradition of innovating in social media, particularly through gamifying content. Earlier in 2016, we innovated the brand’s experiential activity (see opposite page). For the second half of the year, we needed to step up our innovation game and deliver a bold, rewarding moment for our brand fans.

We wanted to create a real-time, ‘must-see moment’ for the brand. Buzzfeed and LAD Bible served to inspire us in the creation of a gamified Facebook Live moment.

But, of course, we decided to go one step bolder...

The Insight

In an insights session around typical ‘in-pub behaviours’, we identified some fun, key, behavioural insights. Every bartender we spoke to told us about:

‘The Wifi Chancer’

‘The Latecomer’

‘The Amateur Photographer’

So, we set about creating a ‘show’ that dramatises these characters in a 30-minute live-stream using Facebook Live as our preferred channel. To win, fans furiously tagged the mates they had that shared these funny, in-bar behaviours. The prize was a trip to the European Ice Cave in the Alps.

This was a Coors Light game show – the most ambitious Facebook Live Show ever created in Ireland: 30 minutes of genuinely engaging, brand theatre, that captured the hearts and minds of Coors Light fans.

Set in ‘The Coors Light Cabin’ (a custom-built set), we cast Hardy Bucks star and influencer Owen Colgan in the lead role as the Coors Light Barman.

We developed the script with Owen, a talented writer, who breathed personality and brand traits of fun and play into the character.

The Result

The 30-minute show attracted over 10,000 live viewers and generated 1,000 comments. But the real success was the additional views that followed, with 30,000 additional viewers tuning in to see what it was all about.

These numbers were driven by social leveraging through the new Facebook Live Waiting Room, while the activation was supported by our media partners, the banterful

Thanks. I’ll have a pint of Coors Light, please.