Coors Light Challenge Rooms

The Ask

In 2018, Coors Light wanted to land a new brand message: The Peak of Refreshment: when friends get together to overcome life’s daily challenges through light-hearted fun and playfulness, they reach The Peak of Refreshment. The brand approached us to create an epic experience to bring this message to life and ensure The Peak of Refreshment strongly resonated with Coors Light fans.

The Approach

Coors Light is a brand with a rich international heritage in gaming. To maintain our role within gaming culture, but bring it bang up to date, we tapped into the fast-growing global trend of ‘Escape Rooms’, where twenty-somethings attend live gaming experiences where they must ‘escape from a room.’

To do this, we custom-built the Coors Light Challenge Rooms and imagined what a room that represented ‘The Peak of Refreshment’ would look like. We agreed with County Councils and private property owners (Hammerson, Dundrum Town Centre) to have this experience hosted in cities across Ireland. We developed a ticket-sales strategy and advertised the tickets for sale a few weeks in advance.

The Output

The Challenge Rooms activation was a fully immersive live-action escape room where teams had to work together, against the clock, to solve clues with Coors Light at the centre of the story in the form of its history, ingredients and ethos. Whether teams escaped on time or not, they were greeted with a refreshing pint of Coors Light after the game.

We worked alongside our design partners Exhibit to create a mobile and visually epic igloo structure which housed a base camp, four individual escape rooms and Coors Light bar area.

We commissioned expert escape game developers Incognito to help us create the perfect custom Coors Light escape game scenarios. The final escape room had eight interactive puzzles which required both mental skill and teamwork to complete. Our creative team crafted a dramatic storyline to set the scene for the experience and we added real-life theatre through actors, special effects and a tense soundtrack.

The Outcome

Over a two-week period, we brought the Coors Light Challenge Rooms to a key location in both Dublin and Galway with a tightly manned logistical schedule. In total, 4,002 consumers bought tickets to the experience, culminating in 72,140 minutes locked inside the Coors Light brand! Furthermore, 4,092 pints of Coors Light were served.

Conor McIntyre, Coors Light Senior Brand Manager, Heineken Ireland said: "This is one of the most immersive and well-run brand activations we’ve done on Coors Light to date. It was a clever, culturally relevant brand experience that truly delivered a deeper level of engagement with the Coors Light brand.”

Watch out for our 2019 activity which promises to deliver more PEAK REFRESHMENT!