Festivals 2017 + 2018

Festivals are in our DNA - we're famous for activating and driving brand's relevance and engagement at festivals.


Live Your Music puts fans centre-stage as Heineken® empowered them to ‘control the experience’ and create memorable moments. The global platform, ‘Live Your Music’ is a celebration of more than just listening to the music - it’s about truly living it, feeling it and moving to it together in a crowd. Our role was to help the crowd understand the power they have to make music moments epic.

We did this, with a little help of some cutting-edge technology.

By gauging the energy of the crowd using our custom made ‘Starometer’, we tracked noise levels, body movement and heat. This allowed us ‘measure the crowd’s energy’ in the moment - live. The more energy unleashed by music fans in the Heineken ‘Live Your Music’ arena, the more experiences that energy unlocked for the crowd. So, once the crowd was at its most energetic, noisy and engaged, the air horns blew, the lights went into 5th gear and cannons blasted smoke - all contributing to moments that our fans will remember forever.

As part of this - we also handed over the reins to our fans. To do this, we developed a series of custom built “Live Your Music Rooms” where the crowd could fully own and control the experience. From pushing buttons to ignite strobes, lights and smoke machines to experimenting with music equipment and instruments, our fans were a genuine ‘part of the Heineken® Music crew!’


Desperados’ Inner Tequila Studios encouraged fans’ creativity through more than just music. In an Irish first, festival-goers were able to create bespoke prints through a collaboration with Damn Fine Print, where the studio’s walls themselves became screen prints for bespoke tees and totes, along with getting that festival look right with glitter and braiding from Babooshka Beauty. Fans could also add special ingredients to create their own hyper-personalised serve at a bespoke Desperados Bar.

The brand’s huge two-storey build became the go-to destination for festival-goers wanting to remix their Longitude weekend. Desperados proved that bigger is better with the studios bringing in huge crowds and a host of celebs such as Vogue Williams, Spencer Matthews, Joanne McNally, Roz Purcell and Riyadh Khalaf. It was no surprise that the bar completely sold out.


In 2016, we brought The Bold mOTel to Electric Picnic, a reason for festival-goers to quit the campsite and get the boldness started early. This year, we needed to ensure that The Bold mOTel returned, BIGGER and BOLDER than before. Our awesome design partners Exhibit Design redesigned the space and layout, to give it a new look, including a full refurbishment and expansion of the mOTel. The new look mOTel included a Lobby seating area and Poolside Changing Rooms, an elevated bar area which allowed us to submerge the Abandoned Pool Dance Floor so it could be entered above from the bar. For the finishing touches, we infused some bold hip hop/graffiti elements, to ensure The Bold mOTel was one of the most talked about spaces at the festival.

With a bigger, bolder Motel we designed a big recruitment campaign to bring the boldest messers in the country together to ‘staff’ The Bold mOTel. We created 12 outrageous job titles from ‘Head of Inflatables’ to ‘HipHoperations Manager’, each with its own specific set of qualifications and set to work recruiting through LinkedIn, our social channels and a partnership with DMG media. Those ‘recruited’ would win tickets to Electric Picnic.

The full lineup over the weekend included live MCs, dance crews, rap battles and headlining turns from the likes of Tu-Ki, Handsome Paddy and Melodee. Two show-stealing performances from Sing Along Social saw the mOTel completely swamped, surrounded with festival-goers belting out the biggest tunes of all time as the sun set over Stradbally.

Staff at The Bold Motel

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