Heineken Sunrise

Thinkhouse has been a partner to Heineken for many years, working on communication of the brand and its major assets; such as UEFA Champions League, European Rugby Champions Cup, 'Your Heineken' and its music platform, Heineken Sound Atlas.

Answering Heineken's brief to ‘innovate how Heineken communicates the responsible drinking message’, we knew we had to do more than simply drive awareness of the ‘Drink Responsibly’ message. We had to get people to change their drinking behaviour – no easy challenge.

We identified Electric Picnic, Ireland's largest festival, as the perfect event to launch this campaign. Over the festival weekend, revellers were encouraged to, and rewarded for, drinking water and staying hydrated. After hydrating at the water stations, participants received a mysterious invitation which led to an exciting experience deep in the forest - The Heineken Sunrise Waterfall. This innovative installation of 'printed water,' allowed revellers tweet their 'favourite festival moment' which was then captured and published in the form of an epic message. This unique, photogenic, instagrammable, tweetable moment was captured and shared by thousand of revellers who valued the currency of having unlocked this 'secret festival experience.'

The result? 20% more water was consumed at the festival than the previous year. Result.