Island’s Edge PR Launch

Launching a new Irish stout into the Irish market could be seen as a difficult task in normal circumstances, but throw in the challenging backdrop of Covid restrictions, it’s a tall order! The off-trade had been decimated by closures and opportunities for people to experience the new product were limited, to say the least. Typically when a new drink launches, sampling is key to its success in the first 6 months to drive trial. Island’s Edge had virtually no sampling opportunities in the first 3 months which put more emphasis on our brief to have the product show up in real life.

On the first sight of restrictions loosening, Island’s Edge needed to show up in culture, with a unique experience that would allow media and influencers to experience the brand essence for the first time and taste this unexpectedly refreshing stout.

We wanted to launch the brand with high reach and awareness, to tell the product story and communicate the benefits, to utilise social currency from our invitees to show up outside of the event space itself, in places where our targeted cohort of Island’s Edge drinkers consumed media. With an extremely limited capacity during COVID times (220 people), we curated an event for people in media and those with influence across all touchpoints of Irish popular culture, to make a big splash on one unforgettable night.

Guests assembled for their first taste of Island’s Edge on the Cill Airne, a boat bar and restaurant docked at Dublin’s IFSC. From there, a smaller skiff whisked them to this island’s edge (Dublin Port to be exact) for an unexpectedly refreshing sensorial experience. This launch was curated as a festival of discovery through music, food and art in a bespoke-build event location. Attendees partied into the night with performances from Nealo, who took to the stage for the first time since lockdown to perform his new album. The X Collective and supporting acts showed up on the night too.

We smashed our targets with a fully attended event, over 300 pieces of online content shared from invitees, 16 launch consumer media pieces and 7 marketing media pieces - for a combined reach of over 6 million and positive sentiment. In the wake of this exciting launch, Island’s Edge is going strong, with availability in 700 outlets nationwide, and a further roll-out and an extensive marketing campaign planned throughout 2022.

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