Saorview Connect - Free TV

RTÉ needed to launch Saorview Connect to Ireland’s urban 18–35 year olds, helping them to understand the benefits of ditching subscription packages in favour of free TV. Dubbed ‘The Future of Free TV’, the new premium service allows viewers catch their favourite shows when they want, without the fuss of a contract or monthly bills.

The Youth Lab uncovered the following insight: young Irish people are sceptical. When they see something that they think is too good to be true (like free TV), they think it probably is. Our role was clear: to give young people a compelling reason to believe in ‘free’.

Introducing Free TV: the world’s first shopping channel where everything is free. For this unique marketing concept, the creative team in Thinkhouse took inspiration from iconic 80s shopping channels with an expertly crafted aesthetic, complete with low fi visuals, bright colours and a painfully cheesy 80s soundtrack.

Initially introduced to our audience as a live broadcast on Facebook, Free TV offered viewers the chance to win a range of nifty prizes, proving to young people that 'Free' can have real value.

The result was our most successful Facebook Live to date, with 12,000 comments during the 20-minute broadcast. Overall the social reach of the campaign on Facebook was 700k with over 2 million impressions.

Phase two saw Thinkhouse produce four TV ads end to end, in-house - a first for the agency - as well as a suite of 30 second radio ads. Casting was key to the project and Facebook star Tony Cantwell’s over-the-top and unhinged performance ensured the series of TVCs could live on the TV platform, but also be embraced by fans of weird internet culture.

The creative team in Thinkhouse worked hand-in-hand with the Saorview team to ensure the project was delivered in the most efficient way possible. The four ads were shot in Ardmore Studios over two days with a small crew, shooting on two cameras simultaneously to mimic a shopping channel studio set up.

The result is a funny, irreverent campaign that is already grabbing the attention of young people as it appears in premium ad spots throughout The World Cup.

Client: RTE/Saorview

Account Director: Susie Dardis

Project Manager: Amber Wilson

RTE Client Team: Tracey Diamond, Richard Waghorn, Jim Higgins

Planning: Eimear Fitzmaurice

Creative Directors: Dave Byrne, Kevin Goss Ross

Director/Copywriter: Dave Coffey

DOP/Editor: Dave Balfe

Production Designer: Shane Kenna

Camera: Johnny Cullen

Sound: Peter Ashmore

Production Coordinator: Robin Graham

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