West Coast Cooler - BFF Brunch

The #CoolerSummer is here, with West Coast Cooler returning to reclaim its place in the hearts of the OGs who loved it in the first place and a new generation of BFFs who love it just as much. To help celebrate its relaunch, THINKHOUSE and West Coast Cooler teamed up to host a BFF Brunch in The Odeon in Dublin.

“That b*tch is back and this time she means business. She’s in cans. Yes!”
Shane Dan Byrne, West Coast Cooler BFF Brunch.

VIP guests enjoyed a tasty brunch and beverages: ice cold West Coast Cooler Original, Rosé and some West Coast Cooler summer cocktails. The brunch was accompanied by an intimate chat between BFF comedians Emma Doran (West Coast Cooler brand ambassador), Shane Dan Byrne and Julie Jay who gassed about topics from friendship dilemmas to the things that matter most to real pals.

Attendance at the brunch included a mix of Irish personalities such as reigning Miss Ireland Pamela Ashley Uba, TV presenter Muireann O’Connell, TV producer Debbie O’Donnell, celebrity MUA Ben Sun, British Vogue featured DJ Mona Lxsa, sisters stylist Laura and MUA Jade Mullet, Irish designers Jill & Gill, yoga guru Maura Rath, radio presenter Thomas Crosse, DJ & podcaster Conor Behan, journalist Dominique McMullan, Drag performer Paul Ryder and founder Ali Ryan, amongst others, with 80 guests in total attending the event.

DJ Mona Lxsa, Hot Press Magazine, said: “It was such a great brunch! Everything was on point and love the inclusion and diversity. So congratulations and well done!”

Sarah Magliocco, journalist, said: “I have never once in about seven years of going to press/PR/influencer events seen a sign language interpreter at any event where there has been a live speaking element so kudos to West Coast Cooler and THINKHOUSE. I hope others take note.”

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