Your Heineken®

Heineken® fans have high expectations - they are used to personalised, relevant, exciting brand experiences. Heineken® never disappoints. Thinkhouse was tasked with bringing Heineken®’s quality credentials to life using ‘Your Heineken®’ bottles - a global innovation tool that allows Heineken® to create custom-built bottles.


Collaborating with bar owners from brief to delivery, Thinkhouse’s creative teams brought the story of each venue to life through design and illustrations that were created to pack a punch on shelf, in hand and on mini-screens. Thinkhouse framed bar owners ideas, their venue’s story and their brand into a realistic brief whilst being totally open to various design techniques to land on a creative solution that everyone (the bar owners, HEINEKEN and Thinkhouse) were really proud to be part of.

As Heineken’s bottle structure is so widely accepted and recognised, The ‘Your Heineken® Collection’ was a great outlet for Thinkhouse’s designers to totally unleash their creativity and be expressive within constraints.

But why stop at bottles?

To accompany each Your Heineken® bottle, Thinkhouse’s film studio created super-short ‘The Making Of..’ videos. The bite-sized stories were given to venue owners to proudly share on their social media channels with a call-to-action for customers to get their hands on the limited edition bottles.

Here is ‘Your Heineken® Collection’ and the design stories that inspired them:

Pygmalion: A cultural hub in the heart of Dublin City, Pygmalion is a place where the paths of many creatives and music lovers cross. A perfect match for us. Our design was inspired by the facade of Pyg. The iconic archway in the entrance was the basis of the design. This, mixed with elements that live beyond the archway, gave the bottle a look that represents the creative world of Pygmalion.

37 Dawson Street: One of Dublin’s favourite bars needed to have a bottle that was fit for purpose. Taking on an identity that is well established, we had to find the perfect balance between 37 Dawson Street and Heineken®. In executing our final design, we took the vintage assets of 37 Dawson Street and utilised them in a way that accentuated the curvatures of the iconic bottle. Interpreting the space carefully with the strong visuals of 37, we created a bottle that was quickly snapped up by customers and widely shared across social media.

The Dáil Bar: “The Dáil Bar is a centre point in Galway, a place where paths cross and people meet.” That was the insight given to us by the bar owners of The Dáil Bar that framed our idea. Taking a colour palette inspired by Galway and the map of the surrounding area, we developed our design. A rendered map of the city centre sees The Dáil Bar placed centrally on our design surrounded by bespoke illustrations representing the musical and cultural heritage that surrounds it.

The Secret Garden: We created a literal translation of a Secret Garden for the trendy club that forms part of Reardens in Cork. Inspired by the chic interior design of the bar, we utilised elements from the walls of ivy to the taxidermy sheep and distilled them into our design. An arch that complements that bottle’s physical shape is our entrance into the world behind the ivy maze and into a fairytale world.

The Bodega: Drawing on the incredible space that The Bodega nightclub in Cork boasts we worked up a piece that brings the interior to life in the form of bold, simple illustration. In bringing this idea to life, we introduced bespoke illustrations of the origami cranes that fill the space. Our colourways were chosen to resonate with the incredibly vibrant and lively atmosphere that the bar is renowned for.

The Workmans Club: A bar that has been a cornerstone for indie culture and music over the past seven years needs a bottle that compliments its efforts. We designed a piece for its fifth birthday that would resonate well with the bar’s regular patrons in the hope that they would scramble to get one as a keepsake. We brought this piece to life by combining the ingrained musical culture with a birthday wrapping motif. The final aesthetic marries well with the grungy, indie culture synonymous with The Workman’s Club.

The Bridge 1859: We saw the the opening of The Bridge 1859 as the perfect event to celebrate with some custom-made Your Heineken bottles for the first customers of this exciting new venue. The building itself is located beside the bridge on the banks of the Dodder in Dublin’s Ballsbridge, a space that has gone unchanged for a long time. To give a nod to this, we visited The National Archives and found a map from 1859. We captured this and paired it with colour ways that were in line with the bar’s look and feel to create a beautiful piece steeped in heritage.