YOUTH 05 - The Party Issue

Do you ever get bored of your standard weekend plans? Feel like there’s nowhere new or interesting to go out? Occasionally a new club will open, but it feels like more of the same? Then, thank your lucky stars that YOUTH is here to save the day. Scratch beneath the surface of the typical nightlife scene and there’s a world of secret gigs, hidden raves, gender-bending art and music collaborations and retro youth culture revivals - you just have to know where to look.

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Pilly Willy - Gender expression shouldn’t be confined to gay bars

We met with Dylan Kerr, who at 20 is sick of the mundanity of the Dublin pub and club scene. And who can blame him? But rather than sit around and complain about it, he took matters into his own hands. He created a night where art, sexuality, music and general weirdness blend into one haze of colour.

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D8 Soul Club - Travel back in time for some classic soul

Making your home in a former home of rest for the dying might be considered an unusual choice, however, when the founding members of the D8 Soul Club discovered this gem in the heart of old Dublin, they knew they had found something special. Hidden behind a black door in a vast stone facade, 20 Camden Row houses the subterranean time capsule that is the Dublin Conservative Club. The former Workingmen’s Club is brought back to life again this April 21st with the highlight of their social calendar The Friday Soul Collective. “Taking you on a soul journey from sweet exuberance to empty despair and back again,” D8 Soul Club puts on a night that is sure to keep you on your toes.

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Sofar Sounds - How secret can a gig be?

Music is such a fundamental part of a night out. We at YOUTH, like to think that people are expanding their tastes in music way more than they used to. Gone are the days where you meet someone new who can rattle off how their favourite songs are “coincidentally” all in the charts. Soz girl, but that doesn't fly anymore. People are now looking deeper into the realms of Spotify, or Youtube suggestions, to find music that connects with them in a way that the charts don’t. Not to say that there is anything wrong with chart music. I mean, let’s be real: some absolute bangers from new acts make the charts! Also, boo to those people who get depressed that “their” favourite unknown act finally made it to the mainstream. Get.Over.It.

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inner u - DIY loft party is London’s best kept secret

Being part of a club culture landscape that is often defined by status, chart music, cheap sound systems and expensive door and alcohol prices; young people are often at ends with their options for a unique night out.

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DUDEBOX - The Robin Hood of parties

If you’re in Toronto and haven’t been to a Dudebox party, you’ve been missing out. Dudebox kicked off in 2007 in a loft in Chinatown. A perfect storm of unusual spaces, great music and charity at the heart of everything they do (they’ve raised over $145,000 so far). Dudebox is the ultimate solution to the mundanity of your usual weekend plans. We caught up with Said Yassin, a co-founder of Dudebox to figure out what made a small night gain momentum and become a charitable movement.

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