Issue 25

Editorial Intro

Oh haaaaaaiii lovers, we’re looking into our crystal ball this edition and taking you on a journey into the wide, weird, and wonderful world of healing crystals.

Whether you think they are shiny, sparkly stones that hold powers to influence and improve our life, or simply just shiny, sparkly stones; crystals are having an extended moment that shows no signs of slowing down at all.

We thought we’d take a wander through The Crystal Maze that is the current industry and its booming social media presence, while also taking a look at the darker side of the wellness trend in The Darkness of the Mined, and then we sent our intrepid researcher out into the field to see what impact the crystals would have on her life in Oh Don’t Mine Me, I’m Just Manifesting.

So manifest yourself a few minutes of me-time and have a read of our sparkly offering. You deserve it.

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