Benecol Oat Shot Launch

Heart-loving, Finnish food maker Benecol® tasked THINKHOUSE with launching Benecol® Oat Shots, a new plant-based offering adding to the Benecol® range of spreads, yogurt drinks and yogurts.

High cholesterol can affect people of all ages - even young and healthy people. While 1 in 4 Irish people have high cholesterol - many people are unaware of their level and have no idea that Benecol is even relevant to them. If you don’t know your level you don’t know if you need to take action to change it - and the plant stanols in Benecol® products have been scientifically shown to reduce cholesterol.

The THINKHOUSE Public Relations and Advocacy Team decided to approach the Oat Shots launch with a cholesterol awareness campaign and enlisted the services of two high profile Benecol® ambassadors that you would not associate with any health concern, TV presenter Glenda Gilson and influencer James Kavanagh. The two ambassadors attended the Benecol® Breakfast launch event at the Wren (Dublin’s most sustainable hotel), alongside members of the media and other influential guests.

Attendees to the breakfast event were invited to avail of a free cholesterol test - empowering guests with the knowledge of their cholesterol level. Ambassador Glenda Gilson was surprised to discover that her cholesterol level was higher than the ideal range (potentially a risk factor in heart disease), flagging something she can now actively work to reduce. She spoke to media about her shock discovery, her otherwise healthy lifestyle and how important it is that people get their cholesterol levels checked.

The campaign resulted in 80 social media posts with a reach of 1,940,730 and nine pieces of media coverage with a total reach of 423,033, including print pieces in The Sun, The Irish Daily Star and The Daily Mirror. But most importantly the campaign raised awareness of cholesterol levels - many people who attended the event made unexpected discoveries about their cholesterol level which they now have the power to change.

Laura O’Connell, Brand Manager from Benecol® said: “THINKHOUSE helped us launch our new Benecol® Oat Shots with a premium breakfast event while also spreading an important message about the dangers of high cholesterol. Cholesterol is an important health indicator and our products can help people with high cholesterol to make a positive change to their cholesterol level and contribute to their overall health.”

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