Jameson - International Women's Day

As part of our ongoing work with Jameson's global marketing team, we were tasked with creating compelling and authentic content to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021. Our approach was to amplify the brilliantly talented females in the Irish whiskey industry by telling their stories in a way that would positively impact culture.

Jameson is the world’s most popular Irish whiskey and women are critical to its popularity and success. Since its inception in 2012, 65% of graduates of The Jameson Graduate Distiller & Engineering Graduate Programme have been female. International Women’s Day was the right occasion to challenge the misconception that whiskey is purely a male-dominated industry.

Utilising a style of interviewing made popular by Vogue’s 73 Questions, we interviewed three women of note who work at Jameson - asking them 17 questions in 80 seconds (a reference to 1780, the year Jameson was established).

The three women that starred in our content were:

Josephine Murray-Golden - Head of Liquid Development

Brid McAuliffe - Distillery Operator at Jameson

Deirdre O'Carroll - Blender at Jameson

In these rapid-fire interviews which saw our interviewees take us on a tour of their workplace, they answered questions on everything from their best work advice to their career highlights. The three videos received universal praise on social media.

Commenting on LinkedIn, Alexandre Ricard, Chairman and CEO Pernod Ricard, said: “A fantastic series by Irish Distillers featuring some of the women behind Jameson. Josephine Murray-Golden, Head of Liquid Development at Midleton Distillery has been with the group for an impressive 39 years and is one of the many women in our Group helping to shape the future of Whiskey.”

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