SuperValu and THINKHOUSE collaborate on ‘Local Action, Global Impact’ Campaign

Sustainability is a passion and area of deep expertise for THINKHOUSE. We were privileged to work with SuperValu, one of Ireland’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Champions, to create a campaign that highlights its work in this vital area. Developed in partnership with SuperValu’s Sustainability Team, 'Local Action, Global Impact' is the supermarket chain’s largest sustainability initiative yet.

Launched in the summer of 2023, the campaign aims to illustrate how small local actions can lead to significant global impacts. The positive outcomes of the 'Local Action, Global Impact' campaign are already evident in increased brand perception scores, with SuperValu now recognised as the #1 most sustainability-focused retailer in Ireland (as reported at the Marketing Society Research Excellence Award Winners Showcase).

The campaign also led to a 2-4 percentage point increase across various brand perception indicators, including: support for local suppliers, enabling sustainable living, promoting environmental positivity, and active community involvement.

Comprising two phases, the campaign showcased real actions taken by individuals and communities across Ireland, emphasising the importance of collective efforts in building a more sustainable world.

The first phase, broadcast across TV, cinema, radio, and SuperValu’s digital hub and social channels, highlighted the positive outcomes stemming from local initiatives, such as those undertaken by SuperValu retail partners, colleagues, and community organisations like GAA clubs and TidyTowns volunteers. The campaign emphasised the power of community-driven change in fostering sustainability at the grassroots level. The TV ‘hero advert’ scored very positively on differentiation - one of the top ads of any brand in 2023. It generated a positive, surprising view of the brand that was more distinctive than most ads tested.

The second phase, which commenced on September 1st, spotlighted the positive local impact of SuperValu TidyTowns, a longstanding community initiative supported by SuperValu and its retail partners. By emphasising the role of TidyTowns in enhancing biodiversity and restoring natural environments, the campaign aimed to inspire further participation and support for community-led sustainability efforts.

SuperValu's commitment to sustainability extends beyond its campaign initiatives. As part of its broader sustainability strategy, the company has made significant investments in reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental and social responsibility throughout its value chain. For example, SuperValu stores have collectively reduced carbon emissions by 9% in the past year, with 120 stores achieving a substantial reduction equivalent to planting over 138,000 trees.

SuperValu has also made strides in areas such as packaging, fleet management, biodiversity, diversity and inclusion, and food waste reduction; the company has transitioned to recyclable or compostable packaging for 96% of its own-brand products and is actively pursuing alternative fuels for its fleet vehicles.

SuperValu's commitment to sustainability underscores its role as a leader in driving positive change within local communities and beyond. Through initiatives like 'Local Action, Global Impact,' the company continues to inspire and empower individuals to make meaningful contributions to a more sustainable future.

Speaking about the campaign, Ray Kelly, Marketing Director, SuperValu, said: “The ‘Local Action, Global Impact’ campaign is crucial to meeting our responsibilities as a business, investing in Ireland’s sustainable transition from the heart of local communities and beyond. SuperValu is in a unique position to drive real action with our strong shopper base who, we know, care and want to take action. It’s up to us to make it easy, and desirable, for them. Over the last number of years, we have made significant strides in the area of sustainability with more to do, however along with our retail partners we are committed to making change for the good of all communities.

SuperValu is part of a growing number of brand’s investing more around sustainability strategy and creative communications. THINKHOUSE Planet services are designed to support brands and businesses to benefit young people today and into the future—from B Corp to ESG, brand purpose, sustainability and communications.

Read more about THINKHOUSE’s Planet services here.

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