SuperValu and THINKHOUSE collaborate on ‘Local Action, Global Impact’ Campaign

SuperValu has unveiled its biggest ever sustainability campaign ‘Local Action, Global Impact.’ The campaign is part of SuperValu’s continuous drive to showcase the small actions we can all take in our homes, stores and towns to make a collective global impact. SuperValu, as one of Ireland’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Champions, believes how we live and work together in local communities is crucial to create a more sustainable future for everyone.

We were delighted to develop this creative campaign and strategy, in partnership with SuperValu's sustainability team. Sustainability is an area of passion and deep expertise and we're honoured to work with such important brands in this area.

The SuperValu ‘Local Action, Global Impact’ campaign went live this summer (2023) and is launched in two phases:

Phase 1: The first phase of ‘Local Action, Global Impact’ went live across TV, cinema, radio, and SuperValu’s digital hub and social channels. Inspired to play their part in building sustainable communities, the campaign shows how local actions can make a global impact - how the way we live and work together in local communities is connected to the creation of a more sustainable world. The advert shows Real Action by Real People – highlighting from SuperValu retail partners, colleagues and GAA clubs to SuperValu TidyTowns volunteers, the positive impact that can happen when people come together in their own homes, stores and towns to make changes that make living sustainably easier.

Phase 2: The second phase of the Campaign, launched on September 1st; shining a light on the positive local impact of SuperValu TidyTowns. SuperValu and its retail partners have sponsored and supported the TidyTowns competition since 1991, making it one of the longest running community sponsorships in Ireland. The key message of the campaign will showcase how by getting behind SuperValu TidyTowns we can restore our natural environment and significantly improve biodiversity. Each year the SuperValu TidyTowns Competition inspires almost 30,000 volunteers to give over 3 million hours of their time to improve their local communities and environment.

Check out the PLANET part of our services to understand the RETHINK stages we undertook as part of this important work.


SuperValu, a retail division of Musgrave, is one of Ireland’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Champions and the first food retailer to become a verified member of the Bord Bia Origin Green sustainability programme. This new campaign is designed to demonstrate how taking small actions locally by SuperValu’s shoppers and 16,000 SuperValu colleagues across 222 stores can contribute to real Global Impact.

‘Local Action, Global Impact’ plays a vital role in the retailer’s commitment to creating real sustainable change by reducing carbon outputs and increasing positive social and environmental outcomes across its value chain. It comes on the back of a €25 million investment by SuperValu and its retailers in sustainability initiatives being rolled out across its stores. To date, 120 SuperValu stores have achieved a reduction of 3,703 tonnes of carbon – equivalent to planting 138,412 trees.

The ‘Local Action, Global Impact’ campaign is crucial to meeting our responsibilities as a business, investing in Ireland’s sustainable transition from the heart of local communities and beyond. SuperValu is in a unique position to drive real action with our strong shopper base who, we know, care and want to take action. It’s up to us to make it easy, and desirable, for them. Over the last number of years, we have made significant strides in the area of sustainability with more to do, however along with our retail partners we are committed to making change for the good of all communities.” said Ray Kelly, Marketing Director, SuperValu.

‘Local Action, Global Impact’ supports the businesses sustainability targets and initiatives, with projects delivered to protect the planet and benefit communities in three key areas: Caring for the Planet, Creating Vibrant Communities and Sourcing for Good. Last month, it was announced that SuperValu stores have reduced their carbon emissions by 9% in the past year.

“With the launch of ‘Local Action, Global Impact’ we needed a new community narrative that reframes risks and threats, opportunities and solutions. We wanted to harness SuperValu’s momentum and influence to trigger positive actions across the country at scale. Our belief is that this work is a huge step forward in helping us all to better connect with the lives we need to be living. Global crises can feel overwhelming to the point of paralysis. We want to make local living aspirational. To bring it right back to simple actions - and the reality of joyful, resilient and vibrant communities that make sustainable living part of how they live well today - is empowering.” Claire Hyland, Head of The Youth Lab, THINKHOUSE.

Other recent progress by SuperValu and Musgrave highlights include:

  • Packaging: 96% of SuperValu own brand packaging is now recyclable, reusable, or compostable. In 2022, SuperValu removed over 35 tonnes of plastic packaging as 376 tonnes of non-recyclable black plastic trays across fresh meat and fish changed over to recyclable clear plastic. Plastic packaging was also replaced on SuperValu apples and pears with cardboard – removing over 27 tonnes of plastic per annum.
  • Fleet: The rollout of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) fuel across the network of almost 500 vehicles began in June. By 2030 50% of the fleet will operate on alternative fuel, with an overall ambition for the entire fleet to be net zero by 2040.
  • Biodiversity & Environment: After 33 years of sponsoring SuperValu TidyTowns, it is recognised as the most sustainable community programme in Europe with 1,000 active committees and 30,000 volunteers nationwide.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Musgrave has invested over €32 million in supporting the GAA since 2010 and supports over 1000 clubs in the heart of Irish communities. In April, SuperValu launched the third year of its GAA campaign ‘Community Includes Everyone’ to hero the powers of the GAA and its stars in driving diversity and inclusion in Ireland. Since 2021, diversity within the GAA has grown by 25%.
  • Food Waste: Musgrave partnered with FoodCloud in 2016. Since then, FoodCloud has redistributed over 910 tonnes of food from Musgrave, equating to approximately 2.1 million meals to over 400 community and voluntary groups in Ireland.

SuperValu is part of a growing number of brand’s investing more around sustainability strategy and creative communications. THINKHOUSE Planet services are designed to support brands and businesses to benefit young people today and into the future - from B Corp to ESG, brand purpose, sustainability and communications. Read more about THINKHOUSE’s Planet services Here.

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