It’s now widely accepted that businesses and brands that are not sustainable and don’t have a purpose beyond profit, are at serious risk. Our PLANET services are designed to accelerate and support the response of brands and organisations to the most urgent challenges of our time and integrate the concerns of today’s youth in how brands and businesses operate.

We've been advocating for youth for over 20 years. This means advocating for action on the multitude of ongoing emergencies we collectively face - from climate breakdown to inequality and health crises - and helping guide our clients regardless of what stage of the journey they are on. From brand activism to purpose-driven initiatives, we guide visionary change-makers that measure ‘growth’ in multiple ways. The stories we choose communicate matter now more than ever.

What We Do

Our PLANET expertise covers four key pillars: Sustainability and Climate, Health, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Education. World class strategic and creative thinking paired with sustainable business expertise and youth insight, makes our team uniquely positioned to provide meaningful, impact-driven solutions.


Planet & Purpose (sustainability) literacy & upskilling

Inspiration Workshops & Webinars

Roadmapping / Future Visions Workshops

Sustainability Marketing Audits

Sustainability Comms Planning & Behaviour Change Strategy

Sustainability issues management and messaging

Brand Purpose (development & activation)

Measuring & Managing Sustainability Impact of Marketing Campaigns (metrics development, carbon footprinting)

B Corp 101 - introduction & consultancy for those looking to embark on a B Corp Journey

Sustainability NGO comms consultancy

Core PLANET Product Offering 1 //

Sustainability Marketing 101: Cracking Sustainability Communications

Purpose: Build empowered and sustainability literate teams. The aim of this 5 module course is to raise sustainability and cultural literacy among marketing and communication teams by providing context, understanding and tools for more effective sustainability communications and to drive responsible marketing. Our hope is to meet the critical need in our industry for education, inspiration, and practical guidance on how to navigate the world of enduring climate and social challenges through marketing and communications that help drive the impact the world urgently requires. This offering is also designed to ensure teams & individuals are fit to respond to greenwash claims or policy developments such as the green claims code.

Who is this for? This is a course for everyone in the marketing and communications industry or anyone with a responsibility for brand/ company communications who seeks a contextual understanding of the role that business, marketing and comms can play within the broader world of sustainability action. This includes CMOs, Marketing Directors, Brand or Marketing Managers, Communications Managers and more. Whatever your level, location or knowledge, you have the potential to learn and make more positive contributions through your everyday work.

Facilitators: This offering is developed and delivered by the THINKHOUSE Planet team, who have a combined 70 years of experience in the marketing industry and are at the forefront of driving industry transformation through the lens of sustainable practices and communications. Extensive expertise in leading sustainability marketing includes working with B Corps, sustainability teams, major, blue-chip international and domestic brands at different stages of the sustainability journey.

The team’s sustainability academic credentials include a post-grad certification in Business Sustainability Leadership from TU Dublin, certification in Business Sustainability Management from Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership and AdGreen certification. We host webinars and lecture regularly on this topic in partnership with organisations such as: thenetworkone, LBB, IAPI, AAI, Purpose Disruptors, TU Dublin and University College Dublin Innovation Academy.

Five Core Modules cover: Climate Science: Challenges & Opportunities, Sustainability Policies & Governance, Rethinking Business, Sustainability & Consumption, Sustainability Communications

Each module is complemented with additional readings and resources for further development, in addition to reflection exercises and tools to take away.

Core PLANET Product Offering 2 //

RETHINK Strategic Framework

What: ‘RETHINK’ is a tool/process to facilitate strategic thinking and planning for brand sustainability activation and impact. It maps out where you are now, connecting the dots between brand and corporate sustainability targets and initiatives. It identifies current and future impact areas to deliver on desired marketing and business goals.

The process is designed to deliver: alignment on metrics and goals; visionary action on sustainability; sustainability roadmaps; impact-oriented brand initiatives and campaigns.

Why use it?

-Get a clear picture on gaps and opportunities relative to corporate sustainability policy, specific marketing/ brand goals, competitor activity, legislation and sustainability impacts.

-Understand the benchmarks for success and key metrics that bridge the gap between corporate goals/ strategy and brand activity/ consumer initiatives

-Have clarity regarding your ‘where to next?’ roadmap on your brand & business sustainability journey

- Make informed marketing and investment decisions that align brand and corporate ambitions and drive both positive brand impacts and sustainability impacts.

Who is it for? RETHINK is a framework developed with marketing and sustainability brand teams in mind. It is useful for:

-Brand teams working within a larger corporate business

-Marketing teams translating sustainability targets into customer communications

-Businesses/Marketing teams looking to identify, deliver and enhance impact/activity on ESG targets

Core PLANET Product Offering 3 //

Reimagine Impact Series: Stories from Sustainability Frontlines

What is it? A curated series of inspirational and educational webinars/fireside chats with:

-Courageous, Action-Oriented Business & Marketing Leaders

-Global Youth leaders & activists


-Community Leaders

Why? To upskill employees and embed sustainability consciousness with stories of lived experiences and live case studies. Hear from the voices on the frontline of social & societal transformation and how change is happening in communities and across political landscapes.

This human first approach explores how brands and businesses can succeed through cultural relevance and best serve customers and communities through the lens of ESG goals and metrics.

Line-ups and packages can be tailored to specific brand interests and challenges.

THINKHOUSE Planet Training Testimonials

“Everyone left feeling re-energised ready to go and regenerate!”

“I want to fix it now, thank you for showing me how to tackle it.”

“I feel very empowered after it!”

“A brilliantly informative and heartfelt session. I left feeling re-energised and refocused on the job in hand and how I must ensure we continue to provoke a dialogue and action.”

“I feel re-energised (if simultaneously daunted).”

Driving The Industry and Thinkhouse Forward

We are passionate about driving the communications industry forward in the PLANET space.

We work with industry bodies such as IAPI on the Diversity & Inclusion council.

We invest in and host regular team training initiatives (internally, for clients and the public).

We are currently pursuing B Corp certification.

Members of our PLANET team also work with Purpose Disruptors, actively working to reshape our industry to tackle climate change.

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