The times we live in see us collectively facing a multitude of crises.

From climate to health, there are multiple emergencies affecting young people across the globe right now. Their futures are at stake. Our futures are at stake. Our choice of action is life or death.

Thinkhouse PLANET services are designed to accelerate and support the response of brands, businesses and organisations to these urgent challenges - from those in the process of starting their sustainability journey and pivoting their business, to those looking to impact positive behaviour change among citizens more effectively.

We advise brands and organisations to embrace purposeful action and to deliver it in a way that
benefits young people and our planet. From brand activism to purpose-driven initiatives, we work with visionary change-makers that measure ‘growth’ in multiple ways.

With Ben & Jerry’s we’ve campaigned for climate justice and marriage equality. With Pieta House and Electric Ireland we’ve rallied over 200,000 people across the globe to walk from Darkness Into Light for suicide prevention. With Together 4 Yes we worked to Repeal the 8th amendment in Ireland. With BeLonG To we’ve collaborated to improve help-seeking behaviour among LGBTI+ youth. With FreeThought FM we created a platform for discussion and action on education inequality. With Amazon and Dropbox we’ve celebrated Pride. With RTÉ we worked to recruit young people across Ireland for the world's first Youth Assembly on Climate. With the One Foundation we’re protecting Ireland and it’s youth against rising right-wing rhetoric and promoting the acceptance of refugees. With Tony’s Chocolonely we’re working to make all chocolate worldwide 100% slave-free. With the Rediscovery Centre we’re tackling mindless consumption habits through the promotion of the Circular Economy.