Issue 24

Editorial Intro

The 24th edition of YOUTH magazine is a wide-open celebration of fashion for all, and what it is to love wearing beautiful clothes, in whatever body your soul might live. The name Non-Binary Finery came to us as a way to champion the deconstruction of a strictly gendered fashion outlook and open our eyes, hearts and wardrobes to the blurred lines of the fashion future. Gendered and non-gendered fashion can co-exist peacefully but the notion that the likes of lace, tulle and taffeta can be worn only by cis-women (or even only trans women), or conversely that tailored suits, dress shirts, and cufflinks can only be worn by Y-chromosome-toting males, are draconian irrelevant stereotypes going the way of ripped denim (at last).

We’ve put together an edition that’s tightly tailored and ornately embroidered, that’s beaded up and button-down, it’s sequins & boas, and silk cravats & braces. It’s also none of those things because sometimes we’re just chilling and want to go unnoticed in neutral tones and understated cazh.

We take a look at the evolution of gender-fluidity in fashion as well as getting right under the hem chatting with some makers of fabulous non-binary fashion, and some lovers of some super femme designs and also sharply cut mxnswear.

So make a coffee, or fxck it, pour yourself a large glass of stunning red, and enjoy Non-Binary Finery.

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