Youth Fulfilment: Reasons For Living

Personal fulfilment ranks among the most important aspects of life for young people today.

92% said that being happy and content was about 'being true to myself.' Of course, this can mean different things depending on the individual. However, in exploring this trend extensively, 'being true' to oneself from the perspective of youth is today all about embracing and accepting the truth in objective and subjective realities. Whether it's from an individual's perspective or respect and empathy for another's reality, truth, authenticity and transparency are very important to young people.


One of the most interesting insights to emerge from our 2018 Youth Culture Uncovered research concerned youth and travel. While this young generation has worn its wanderlust on its sleeve, and has travelled further than any previous generation, only 79% of our respondents rank it as important to them. With truth leading the charge in young people's lives, they are seeking ways to make their realities better. Ranking in priority above travel at a whopping 85% is 'Helping Others.'

This is a generation that seriously wants to make a difference in people's lives. Raised to believe that they not only can, but will make an impact, young people today are committed to helping others. Alongside this, 78% feel having a positive impact on society is vital. Young people today are set on affecting positive change in their immediate surroundings and further afield through work and outside of their professional career. Their positive value system increasingly revolves around resolving the world's issues...

Youth's impact in forming social and cultural Youthquakes, is being seen far and wide. Recent examples of young people helping others and driving positive change include the teenage Stoneman Douglas students excoriating the NRA (National Rifle Association), like no one ever done before, and the young people joining soup runs for the homeless in bustling cities around Europe.

Every act helps, no matter how small. Every opportunity to help someone else and affect some positive change in their world is seized – youth today place enormous value on making the world a better place.

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