AI Connect - Industry Leaders Come Together To Drive Ireland's Efforts Around AI Adoption

"Ireland is So Hot Right Now" was the energy of the day as some of Ireland's leading marketers were joined by Simon Coveney, Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Employment at Dublin's Google Foundry to discuss the future of Ireland's economy in relation to AI - an event created by Enterprise Ireland in partnership with IAPI.

Our Founder Jane McDaid was a participant on the panel, alongside other industry leaders (from Enterprise Ireland, Accenture, Boys & Girls, Red Dog and Tiny Ark). She spoke about the generational divides that are already emerging with AI as well as the actions we've undertaken at THINKHOUSE to ensure that we're adopting all of the AI tools and integrating them into the future of our business from a training and testing perspective.

Jane also spoke about the responsibility leaders have regarding ensuring their teams have a strong understanding of the potential negative implications around AI, specifically in relation to its potential impact on work, society and democracy. Insights garnered from last year's 'Fuck It Friday' experiment (a Human Vs AI advertising campaign) which pitted AI's capabilities in strategy, creative content and targeting against a team of people who used no AI in the development and deployment of the content (spoiler alert - AI won).

Speaking at the event, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney TD said: “The Irish creative industries are a vital engine of our economy, generating over €1.2 billion annually. To unleash their full potential and propel them onto the international stage, we recently launched the Digital Creative Industries Roadmap. The Roadmap fosters crucial collaboration between government, industry, and stakeholders. By working together, we can ensure Ireland's creative industries thrive in the AI age, driving sustainable growth and shared prosperity."

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Regarding Ireland being 'So Hot Right Now' - you just had to be there. 😂