FIF - Deforum Stable Diffusion

by Mark Luna

Generative AI has been progressing at such a dramatic pace in the past month or so, and it’s been really hard keeping up with all developments. From Adobe’s Firefly and Photoshop integration, the release of Runway gen 2 access, NVIDIA’s foray into mind blowing AI demos; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Just to make myself feel in touch with all this progress - I recently had a go at creating one of these AI animation trends using footage shot on my phone. The software used was an extension of Stable Diffusion called Deforum. This allows batch generation of images using the gpu, allowing the control of how many frames are rendered, at what frame rate, controlling the movement of the viewer and the prompting to generate the imagery. I generated multiple versions of the output before deciding on which version to use.

During this process, I realised like a nail to the head, utilised properly, AI is such a killer weapon in your arsenal; and there’s a ton of trained assassins in the advertising space just itching to go full hog on creative projects using AI.