Social & Digital Update: TikTok Video Editor

With it’s meteoric rise over the last 12 months, TikTok has staked its claim as THE time suck app on the market. Endless scrolling, amazing filters, trends and challenges from one video to the next is what has TikTok as the world’s most downloaded app for the last two years.

Here in Ireland the stats are just as impressive with TikTok amounting 1.8 million active users a month in Ireland, as well as seeing an average dwell time per user per day of nearly 80 minutes

The latest update from TikTok brings us the new TikTok Video Editor for brands. This is a brand new video editing tool that allows users to produce TikToks entirely on the platform itself. The TikTok Video Editor acts as an online smart editor that gives advertisers access to a suite of TikTok-style editing features.

It allows you to quickly and accurately produce native-feeling content with TikTok-style elements, including music, fonts, colours and more. You can easily add custom subtitles, crop assets, and cut scenes exactly how you want in moments.

Tikok states that with the new editor you can;

  • Flexibility: customise different elements of your marketing materials frame by frame
  • Convenience: easily and intuitively produce ad videos in minutes
  • Accuracy: edit each frame with specific text, music and other creative elements

Brand Takeout:

Trends tend to change at breakneck speed and getting a piece of content ideated, produced and live all before that trend being yesterday’s news has become a real challenge for brands who have a strict approval process. The new video editor should help cutdown that time between production and approval and allow brands to hop on trends with a great sense of agility.

TikTok have a number of other free creative tools that help simplify ad creation.They also have some great creative resources if you’re feeling a little stumped creatively and need tips for getting creative on TikTok.