Thinkhouse Environmental Impact Case Study: 2022

This 2022 impact assessment was completed in Dec 2023. It follows the format of our previous eco reviews, as we work toward sustaining at least a 50% reduction in our operational emissions by 2030.

2022 Review Actions:

To establish THINKHOUSE’s 2022 carbon footprint, we used the same format as we did 2019-2021, analysing our impact across three key areas:

1. Office overheads: Utilities (heating, electricity), Consumables (paper), IT goods (laptops, phones, monitors, etc.), Wastes - recycling and landfilling

2. Travel: commuting from home to the office

3. Travel: business travel (on general business, non-chargeable)

Note: CO2 conversion factors are taken from Electric Ireland bills for the electricity and natural gas, and for most other inputs are taken from the Ecoinvent database, version 3.5.


Thinkhouse’s operational carbon footprint for 2022 comes to a total 29 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

Broken down, the main source of our impact came from our gas (13.6 tonnes) and our business commuting and travel (7.6 tonnes)

Our gas usage comprised 47% of our overall 2022 footprint.

1. Office overheads: 21.6 tonnes

2. Travel // commuting from home to the office: 4.2 tonnes

3. Travel // business travel: 3.4 tonnes

Key Takeaways | Opportunities & Challenges:

Reductions: On a positive note, we have maintained significant reductions on our 2019 baseline, mainly due to a hybrid work environment.

Travel: Our travel impact was up significantly from 2021 with the return of more people to the office and more company events.

Energy: We switched our energy plan to a greener plan, but we are ultimately reliant on our national fuel mix. We want to explore renewable solutions in the run up to 2025.

Waste: Tracking our waste output remains challenging and we want to address this in the coming years.

Ongoing Scope 3 Actions:

Key focus areas include employee upskilling and broader industry transformation via thought leadership, pilot programmes and events.

  • Measurement: AdGreen calculator / environmental reporting in use for key productions/shoots
  • Collaboration: Part of AdNetZero action groups 1 and 5, working addressing and reducing our Scope 3 impact
  • Innovation: Driving forward systemic industry change with partners at Purpose Disruptors via the ‘Good Life 2030 Ireland’ project funded by Creative Ireland.
  • Education: All employees continue to complete AdGreen training. Hosting regular internal learning sessions - ‘Friday’s For Future’ for all employees and weekly learning opportunities via our ‘Fit To Win’ programme.