THINKHOUSE selected by National Library of Ireland and ‘The 100 Archive’ for Digital Design Collection

THINKHOUSE, the digital-first marketing agency powered by youth culture, has been included in a digital design collection called ‘The 100 Archive’ - a list of websites identified by the National Library of Ireland in collaboration with their project partners The 100 Archive as an example of excellence in website design.

The collection celebrates the intrinsic cultural value of information and content published on the web and reinforces the need to preserve digital materials for current and future generations. was originally designed and built in 2016 by Dublin-based design studio AAD in collaboration with Thinkhouse’s Creative Team. In that year the website was included, for the first time in the 100 Archive. All of the website’s content, film and copy is developed by the multi-faceted creative, digital, copywriting, design, PR and film production teams at THINKHOUSE.

At launch, the website was selected to be featured as part of the prestigious 100 Archive - an annual selection of 100 examples of contemporary communication design - recording the designers, collaborators and clients who make it happen. Since then, the website has matured and grown with content added daily and was recently identified by NLI as part of its important preservation of digital design. The website represents not just a collection of branded marketing work but also ‘YOUTH’ the company’s youth culture magazine as well as 52INSIGHTS, weekly insights reports that document the ever-changing face of youth culture in Ireland and abroad.

The mission of the National Library of Ireland (NLI) is to collect, preserve, promote and make accessible the memory of Ireland. Joanna Finegan, Digital Collections, The National Library of Ireland said; The visual aspect of websites is under-recognised - there's a lot of exciting stuff being done. The NLI recognises the intrinsic cultural value and the need to preserve digital material for current and future generations. Web archiving allows us to capture a version of a website at a particular point in time and make it available for research, sometimes long after the original site has disappeared.”

Aideen McCole, from 100 Archive, said; The projects selected for the 100 Archive are broad and diverse - representing what design in Ireland looks like today. To develop and celebrate Ireland’s design culture, work from national institutions, multinationals as well as young designers, studios and in-house studios are represented. I think what’s interesting about this project was that two design / creative studios came together to make it happen. The result is a website that captures the vibrancy and personality of the company - creative, busy, vibrant, young, active and culturally progressive. It’s important that we preserve digital work like this.”

Dave Byrne, Head of Creative, THINKHOUSE said; “It’s great that the exceptional work of our website partners at AAD; together with the design and content created by the internal THINKHOUSE teams; is acknowledged as work that’s worth preserving. In addition to this great news, the recent 2021 Christmas Stamp Collection for An Post [which Thinkhouse designed] will also be catalogued (Hibernian Catalogue of Postage Stamps of Ireland.) All of these acknowledgements give us a sense of pride in making our mark, however small, in Ireland’s vibrant cultural and design landscape.”


Since 2011 the NLI has been preserving Irish websites and making them accessible for research. Read more about the NLI Web Archive and see sites archived at