How the iconic spirits brand collaborated with Dublin’s clubbing community to develop a uniquely progressive, immersive and interactive clubbing experience, putting the city’s up-and-coming creative club culture firmly on the map with ‘Absolut’ support that’s Made to Mix.


Absolut has always been a key supporter of clubbing culture worldwide. Following key Irish category and consumer research, we were faced with a stark fact: 4 out of 5 nightclubs have shut in Ireland since 2000. With a final blow delivered by the Covid pandemic, Ireland’s club scene is in danger of disappearing forever. The solution is clear - Ireland's clubbing communities need support, and a credible brand like Absolut can truly help provide the level of support needed to save a community in crisis.


Working in partnership with Absolut, THINKHOUSE developed a strategy rooted in brand advocacy through community change: We would spearhead an initiative to proactively help support the next generation of clubbing (by promoting, hosting and amplifying creative clubbing culture & experiences in Ireland).

In 2021 the brand established The Absolut Clubbing Council: a grass-roots steering committee made up of key industry advocates and dedicated to mentoring the next generation of clubbing (sponsored by Absolut.)

In 2022 the brand collaborated with The Absolut Clubbing Council to offer an up-and-coming club promoter the practical support to create their dream event. Temporary Pleasure, a collective of architects and club creatives fighting the disappearance of Irish club spaces was awarded a sponsored event space and a key promoter grant by Absolut. The Temporary Pleasure event took place on Saturday, 13th of August 2022 in the Complex Dublin with over 350 attendees celebrating the best of Irish club culture over 12 hours.

In 2023 the brand focused on our biggest initiative yet: helping to build the future of Ireland’s clubbing experience by launching Absolut X, a progressive, immersive & interactive club night which promoted real creative clubbing culture.


We knew from key category and consumer research that a truly different, creative and progressive clubbing experience would need to: integrate real Irish club life, new and different event spaces and a sense of real community-led collaboration (from sustainable choices through to diverse inclusion.)

‘ABSOLUT X’ is a creative clubbing experience that transformed a garden centre into Ireland’s most innovative club space for one night only. Headlined by international DJ Denis Sulta, alongside an array of local support acts, guests experienced and interacted with pioneering custom-built digital installations. We turned the dancefloor into a transcendent experience with the latest in creative technology and club lighting innovation. A 2 x 8 meter four-sided LED cube in the centre of the room was connected to a kinetic camera with live interactive visuals controlled by the movement of the crowd. A separate thermal interactive screen was watermarked with the Absolut logo. Guests could approach the wall and see it react in real-time, allowing them a perfect opportunity to create social content.

ABSOLUT X put sustainability and the clubber experience front and centre with HVO generators to combat energy waste. We used specially designed aluminium reusable cups with cup drop-off points dotted throughout the venue. The cups were cleaned afterwards to be reused at Absolut X Pride (coming soon). The event was a safe and inclusive experience with designated Wellness Representatives on hand throughout the night to provide assistance.


Success for Absolut across these multiple initiatives has been measured in our ability to drive conversation and prompt real change at a community level.

The launch of the Absolut Clubbing Council alone prompted serious talkability in creative media spaces and social media with a total reach of over 2 million people.

The impact of Absolut X is still being felt. The attendance of over thirty media creatives and influencers led to fourteen pieces of media coverage with a potential reach of over a million, as well as hundreds of social pieces with a combined reach of over 3.7 million.

And we’re not done yet…

Paula Reynolds, Marketing Manager at Absolut Ireland said: “Absolut is dedicated to be championing Ireland’s clubbing community with innovative experiences. We see ‘ABSOLUT X’ as a natural follow-on from the Absolut Clubbing Council campaign we led last year, nurturing cutting-edge clubbing in Ireland. Reimagining a unique space in the heart of Dublin City while spotlighting the best in digital art with world-class DJs is just the beginning. Watch this space!”

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