Electric Ireland - #ThePowerWithin

Once in a while, you get your hands on a brief that doesn’t just challenge the mind, it inspires the mind.

Our starting point was clear. To deliver a game-changing insight and a creative platform idea that would emotionally connect the brand to the Irish public while bringing the brand’s positioning of ‘smarter living’ to life, we had to start with the ethos of what smarter living means. We decided to start by understanding the needs of the people at the heart of the sponsorship itself – Team Ireland Olympians and sports fans.

Through in-depth insight work, our insights team uncovered that most Irish people perceive Olympians to be committed, disciplined, competitive sports people. We reached out to Irish Olympians – past and present – as well as sports fans and athletes and we identified a key discrepancy in terms of Olympian DNA.

Meet the outliers

Team Ireland athletes aren’t like you and me.

They’re different. Obsessed. Ruthless.

They’re crazy in a way. A bit nuts….

They are outliers.

To get into the .0001% club who make it to the Olympics, they have to be.

To develop clear engagement territories, we explored different angles of the ‘human struggle’ that these outliers endure on their journey to Olympic glory. The chosen territory explored the idea of 'self belief'.

Our insight was, that what separates the high performing athletes from the rest is their mental strength and their own belief in themselves. This insight is articulated in our campaign idea: #ThePowerWithin.


Despite failure after failure, Team Ireland Olympians have the perseverance to move forward, listen to their own inner voice and tap into the power of their mind to visualise future successes. It is this power within that propels them to future personal bests, to succeed when it matters most.

#ThePowerWithin resonates, not just with Team Ireland Olympians as it inspires them to greater success, but also with the public at large. Deep within us all lies a strength to overcome, a strength to face a battle head on, and say, "I will not be defeated, I will rise to the challenge and I shall overcome.”

As the power provider, and a company that’s very much built ‘from within’, #ThePowerWithin perfectly represents Electric Ireland’s role as the official energy partner for this phenomenal team.

Integrated Campaign Activity

As the creative springboard for sponsorship activation, all advertising, PR, digital, social, out-of-home, experiential, media partnerships etc.. is working together to bring the #ThePowerWithin idea to life in emotionally connecting and inspiring way.

Rio. Let's go.

Thinkhouse salutes all of Team Ireland’s past and current Olympians, who continue to inspire us to run faster, swing harder, bat longer….and to believe in our own power to succeed.