Good Life 2030 Ireland: Citizen Vision Report

In an ambitious attempt to redefine what constitutes a 'good life,' THINKHOUSE, in collaboration with Purpose Disruptors and supported by Creative Ireland, has launched the Good Life 2030 Ireland project. This exciting initiative invites the advertising industry and the public to envision a future where sustainability and well-being take centre stage.

The Genesis of Good Life 2030

The inception of Good Life 2030 dates back to 2021, when Purpose Disruptors sought to engage the advertising industry in a critical conversation about its role in shaping societal aspirations. Traditionally, advertising has promoted a vision of the 'good life' centred on material wealth, status, and consumption. However, this model is increasingly unsustainable and unfulfilling. The project's core question is profound: Can advertising help reimagine a new 'good life' for 2030?

Why 2030?

The year 2030 is pivotal for several reasons:

  1. Climate Science & Policy Targets: By 2030, both global and national goals aim to halve carbon emissions, addressing not just carbon but a broad spectrum of environmental and societal well-being.
  2. Emotionally Connecting with the Future: A sustainable future must be envisioned as desirable and attainable. Currently, sustainability is often perceived through a lens of compromise and deprivation. The project seeks to reshape this narrative, emphasising a sustainable future that is not only necessary but also attractive and fulfilling.

Citizen Visions for 2030

The project's initial phase involved comprehensive research to understand what Irish citizens envision for a 'good life' in 2030. This included qualitative and quantitative studies, with IPSOS B&A conducting a nationally representative survey of 1,030 adults aged 16+.

Key Findings:

  • The concept of 'feeling connected' emerged as paramount, encompassing connections to others, nature, and oneself.
  • These visions are inherently aligned with low-carbon lifestyles.
  • There is a significant opportunity for advertising to support this reimagined 'good life.' While 45% of Irish people believe the world would be better without current forms of advertising, 77% agree that the industry should help people lead healthy, sustainable lives.

Youth perspectives revealed a more significant influence of advertising, with younger citizens (16-24) more likely to see advertising as shaping their idea of a good life compared to older age groups.

The Role of Advertising

There is potential for the industry to have a greater impact in supporting citizens in their pursuit of a good life into the future.

Laura Costello, Head of Sustainability & Planet Services at THINKHOUSE and Ireland Lead for Purpose Disruptors, emphasises the advertising industry’s unique position: “The question ‘what is a good life?’ has preoccupied humans across time. As architects of desire, the advertising industry shapes our cultural understanding of a life worth wanting. Science states we need to halve emissions by 2030. But 2030 has an image problem. People aren’t emotionally connecting to the future we need to create. The invitation now is for those in the marketing, advertising, and media industry to embrace our unique expertise and our responsibility to rethink what’s being sold and imagine a new ‘good life’ story that serves all living systems. A 2030 Good Life is ours to create.”

Charley Stoney, CEO of the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI), concurs: “Who better to shape a new image for 2030 than Ireland’s advertising and marketing industry? Supporting initiatives like this, and Ad Net Zero, are an important part of our industry’s response to Ireland’s Climate Action Plan and Ireland’s Digital Creative Industries Roadmap. We must harness the superpower of the ad industry, generating a desire for ways of living and working that support a good life for everyone.”

Industry Insights and Future Directions

Industry research by IAPI reveals a sector ready for transformation:

  • 57% of advertising professionals believe the industry is not currently doing all it can to create a sustainable world.
  • 90% recognise the critical role of advertising in changing consumer behaviours.


The report was downloaded 100+ times in the first week of the campaign. At the time of publication, 11 earned media pieces have generated a reach of nearly 3.5 million. Coverage includes pieces in The Irish Times and a radio interview on Newstalk’s Breakfast Business Show. Discussion of Good Life 2030 Ireland also took centre stage at the first-ever Ad Net Zero Summit in Ireland. The marketing industry's response to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive.

What Next?

Good Life 2030 Ireland aims to drive cultural, behavioural, and systemic changes necessary to meet the 2030 emission reduction goals. The next phase involves a collaborative campaign across Ireland's marketing, advertising, and media sectors, drawing on citizen visions to craft a compelling narrative for a sustainable future.

Call to Action

THINKHOUSE invites everyone to join this movement:

For those outside Ireland, the global initiative details can be found on the UK website.

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