Life Style Sports - Fit With Benefits

For the Christmas 2021 season THINKHOUSE worked in partnership with Life Style Sports, Ireland’s largest independent sports retailer, to develop the now iconic platform ‘Fit with Benefits.’

This was a disruptive, cheeky creative concept born out of a key customer truth (unlocked through Life Style Sport’s research) that ‘performance has more than one meaning’ (wink wink!) With an open-minded, trusting and ambitious brand stakeholder team, it was the perfect combination for creative and courageous work.


We launched our platform during the busiest retail season of all, making it the biggest Life Style Sports marketing campaign in recent years. In addition to the cheeky, emotional benefit, the platform could also stretch to show key functional customer benefits to the Life Style Sports experience - such as next-day delivery; the best brands and new releases.

We developed this brand-first campaign to land loud, powered by the talkability that a smart disruptive idea brings and all amplified through high-impact comms. THINKHOUSE delivered a full, through-the-line campaign including:

  • TV and VOD
  • Social & Digital including Tik Tok
  • Audio/Radio
  • Plus the brand’s owned extensive media and social channels

It was incredibly exciting to see how this bold, brave campaign totally disrupted the mistletoe-filled, santa-fuelled, ding-dong-merrily-on-high Christmas traditional retail and advertising environment.

And of course, it delivered - driving increased YOY growth for Life Style Sports.

Most importantly, our work helped position Life Style Sports in a new, provocative and disruptive place - moving it outside the sports retail category and into the big brand space.

Jane McDaid, Head of Creative Innovation said; “The key to nailing this, from a creative point of view, was ensuring that the essence of the idea didn’t get lost or diluted. It was also to get up close and personal so that this campaign would be almost visceral. The Film Team at Thinkhouse worked with Ita O’Brien, the world-renowned intimacy coach who led the intimate scenes in Normal People. On set, Ita’s guidance put our actors at ease and allowed us to capture powerful, intimate, skin-first footage that we needed to communicate the idea. ”

Johnny Cullen, Creative Director, Thinkhouse, was responsible for leading the production, creatively directing the interdisciplinary team to achieve the high-production values we were aiming for. Speaking about the creative process, Johnny said: “In order to capture the intimate intensity of the idea, we combined choreographed moves with high-speed Phantom cameras and SFX sweat. These visuals were then accompanied by an original “musique concrète” composition that took reference from sport sounds and ambiguous, sensual breaths blurring the lines between intimacy and physicality.”

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