Life Style Sports - Fit With Benefits

We’ve worked in partnership with our client Life Style Sports, Ireland’s largest independent sports retailer, to develop a new brand proposition and create a new, major ad campaign under the brand’s new positioning. ‘Fit With Benefits’ has just gone live across all major media platforms including TV, Social & Digital (including Tik Tok), Radio and the brand’s owned channels.

Using research provided by Life Style Sports, we were commissioned to develop the brand’s new positioning to help make it distinctive in what is a busy retailer market place.

The appetite for courageous work was there from the get-go and we’re excited to see how this bold campaign is already disrupting the Christmas retail environment.

Developed to make the brand distinctive in what is a busy retailer marketplace, ‘Fit with Benefits’ is Life Style Sports’ biggest marketing campaign in recent years, part of the company’s current major growth strategy and investment drive. Life Style Sports, which employs over 800 staff, also recently announced a new €20m carbon-neutral distribution centre - the first fully carbon-neutral distribution of its kind in Ireland. It features renewable energy elements, including natural and LED lighting, rainwater harvesting, electric car charging and energy usage monitors.

We built the creative idea around a truth that was unlocked in the research - performance has more than one meaning. In this campaign, we dramatised the benefits of being fit - something that’s important to the Life Style Sports customer. This campaign is stripped right back to the essence of how it feels to be fit, and the benefits that come with that ;) As this campaign unfolds, it also highlights the benefits that come with shopping with Life Style Sports - reinforcing important functional messages such as next-day-delivery; the best brands and new releases.

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