Lynx #YouGold

The Ask

The Approach

As social media continues to proliferate, teenagers are spending less and less time together in the real world. The reality is that there are limited spaces for them to spend time together as very few events are targeted specifically at teenagers. We decided to create an event designed specifically for teenagers that would bring them together, with a meaningful purpose, and allow them to engage with Lynx in a way they never have before.

The Output

We created a special Lynx #YouGold event in Dublin City Centre (the vibrant and youthful space owned by Generator Hostel) to give Irish teenagers the tools to deal with what life throws at them. Our event was designed to upskill teenagers in areas they’re passionate about – helping them develop confidence that they can apply to their every day.

For this one-off event, we worked with influencers that our audience admires. UFC coach John Kavanagh offered a fitness and sparring session, music producer Robbie G gave lessons on how to DJ while Jordi Murphy shared some of his FIFA gaming skills.

Sign-ups for the event came thick and fast with John Kavanagh proving particularly popular with our target audience – resulting in a sell-out, fully-subscribed event.

The Outcome

Our influencers posted about the event on their social media channels, encouraging sign-ups through a private WhatsApp line. The influencer content was positively received, with high engagement and 98% positive sentiment.

138 attendees experienced #YouGold at Generator Hostel in Dublin, but the impact was magnified through their social activity, their peer networks and our influencer activity. Tracking sentiment at the event, we found that 99% of attendees ‘really enjoyed’ or ‘enjoyed’ the event.

When asked what they enjoyed the most, experiencing ‘a once-off unique experience’ came in highest at 89%, followed by ‘meeting influencers’.

While traditional PR was not the primary focus of the campaign, Mums still play an important role with our target. We leveraged our Lynx Ambassadors by offering them to media for interviews generating media coverage across multiple national media outlets. Total PR reach for the event announcement was 1,0617,000.

“Thinkhouse correctly identified that young people want to experience unique one-off events, and that’s exactly what the team delivered with You Gold. The engagement and positive sentiment, both online and at the event is a testament to the team’s hard work and desire to grow brands through youth relevancy.” – Claire Howard, Marketing Manager, Unilever