The Pride of Dropbox

Every year, tens of thousands of people take to the streets of Dublin for the city's annual Pride Parade. Dropbox, the file hosting and collaboration service, was taking part in the parade for the fifth time and came to Thinkhouse with an experiential marketing mission: design, build and manage an epic party float that brings the company’s values to life and incorporates this year’s Pride Parade theme: We Are Family!

When it comes to Pride Parade floats, we know that music is key to getting the crowd on the float, and on the street, pumped. As the theme was all about family and inclusion, we decided to build our float around the ultimate inclusive music experience – Sing Along Social. Describing themselves as ‘a choir of craic’, Sing Along Social is a cross between party sing-along and karaoke night – where every single song is an absolute banger.

The entertainment booked, we turned our attention to the design of the float. Taking inspirations from the ‘80s power ballads Sing Along Social is best known for, and our client's name, we decided to build a giant stereo on wheels: the Dropbox Boombox.

The whopper float featured a custom-designed bus wrap, enormous 2m x 2m bespoke fabricated speakers and buttons, and, of course, a pumping sound system. While Sing Along Social performed a specially chosen playlist of crowd favourites, dancers led the float carrying huge flags with important messaging to drive home Dropbox’s core values.

Thinkhouse brought the epic party float but Dropbox employees brought the party! The amazing energy from Dropbox staff drove home the brand’s message: ‘The world needs your inclusive, diverse, fierce, loving, proud energy.'

The float, which was visible to over 60,000 people on the day, certainly turned some heads (and smartphones) and encouraged Pride-goers to take part in a festival-sized sing-along they won’t soon forget.