We WILL Save The Arts

WELCOME!!! Caps are intentional, this edition of YOUTH is a rallying call. We’ve gone feral in our passion for Saving The Arts and we want to stir the fires of support in you. We’re like Mel Gibson with his face painted sitting on a horse, but shouting about The Arts.

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What Even ARE We Without The Arts

For our editorial, we’ve combined our own five cents on the matter with the brain pickings of some of the responders to YOUTH 21 to find out what the arts mean to them and what things might look like in the post-COVID cultural world.

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EARTH without ART is just... EH...

Art is plumpy-nut for the soul. It goes in through your eyes, dances around your brain, ties up your neurons in a neat bow and packs them off to your soul as positive emotions, generally leaving you in better shape than it found you.

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Keep The Cameras Rolling

Film sets are famously dogged in their attitude towards getting things done. There’s precious little that stops the cameras rolling, which explains the famously heavy fines for stars who disregard schedules with poor punctuality or low/medium-key addiction issues. But the iron fist of filming rapidly atrophied in the face of 2020’s smorgasbord of disaster, and sets for both the film and TV industries shut down in near-unison around the world. Batman’s vengeance went unexacted, Bill and Ted’s adventuring was stilled, and the soapland suddenly became devoid of suds...

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Don't Murder Our Dancefloors

Our generation has been lucky to experience the renaissance in night life of recent years. The often ill-lit, late night, cavernous rooms, filled with pulsating music, visual art and a sea of people offers a cathartic experience and meeting of the minds like very little else...

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The Shows Must Go On

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”

William Shakespeare

“There's one thing you can't download and that's a live performance.”

Madonna Ciccone

It feels appropriate to start a raucous advocacy rant about live events with a quote from The King of Tragedy, as audiences of the world are currently bereft at the near-complete cessation of live entertainment, but we’ve backed it up with one from The Queen of Reinvention, because the soul of shapeshifting will be needed to survive the current storm...

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