The Great Aesthetic Intervention


Welcome to the 28th edition of YOUTH magazine where we're looking at the ever-shifting sands of global beauty standards through the lens of our ability to modify ourselves like never before. We've entered the era of The Great Aesthetic Intervention, where our given appearance is a first offering and a vast array of modifications, enhancements, age-defiers, and "tweakments" grant us the opportunity to make changes if we so choose. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? YOUTH has its opinions and we weren't afraid to share them.

From Filter to Filler
sees Niamh Martin take a look at what influence social media has had on the trends that are being observed in cosmetic aesthetic practices. In Mediaesthetics, Aimee Doyle examines the role the media has to play in the onset of this new era, Ellen Corrigan's The Sizes of the Centuries charts society's changing preferences of the physical form, and finally, our editorial offers Nora Costigan's fresh take on the concept of aesthetic intervention, and what it means for the people who opt to tread down its needly path!

Whether you're a fan of a nip/tuck, or you'd be more inclined to skip/duck, this edition of YOUTH will definitely have some opinions you'll have opinions about. So, grab your scalpel, slice it open and enjoy!


The YOUTH team

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From Filter to Filler

When we record something on social media, and "slap on a filter", are we merely utilising the latest tweaks of an ever-increasing tech-tsunami, or are we feeding a more insidious troll of body dysmorphia that's living under our beds? (And more worryingly, the beds of the younger and more impressionable members of our society.) Asks Niamh Martin.

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The prevalence of aestheticians on every high street in every city has familiarised their services into the mainstream psyche, but that familiarity didn't grow in a vacuum. Aimee Doyle is looking the beauty, celebrity and lifestyle media dead in the eye and asking, to what degree are they responsible for the current fascination with all things aesthetics?

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The Sizes of The Centuries

The standards of body size have fluctuated throughout the ages with the peaks and troughs of, well, a curvy female body! Ellen Corrigan examines the shifting sands that represented female physical beauty standards throughout the centuries in this thought-provoking piece that exposes the fickle nature of the objectives we're constantly trying to achieve.

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“People say I look so happy - and I say ‘That’s the botox’”

Dolly Parton

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