Issue 16

BAEs We Rate

Introducing the definition of creative females in the industry, these two companies (Bae Worldwide and Girls I Rate) epitomise what it’s like to run a successful established business while inspiring the young women of our generation.

Bae Worldwide

Made in America, the girls from Bae Worldwide are setting a trend for independence. These women started off by showcasing the Female DJs, Female Artists and Female Musicians in their local music scene, creating personal events capturing the atmosphere of these incredible creatives.

If you peek the @baeworldwide Instagram, you can find everything from their early events with Kitty Cash, Hourglass + Mikoteau to their most recent show consisting of 3 DJs, Oni, Gina Tollese and Decoteau, showcasing some tracks before they hit AfroPunk’s stage that following week.

Their Instagram consists of luminescent wall art, funky event photos of the party goers, good times with the girls and your daily music fix.

But they are about far more than just stellar events and having fun. They describe themselves as “AN AUTHENTIC ENVIRONMENT WHERE WOMEN CAN THRIVE ARTISTICALLY.”

Visit to read up on their E-Zine, which contains everything you would ever need in your life. It has Music Monday, which gives you a dose of what you need to be listing to, monthly tarot card readings, grow it yourself skincare, why menstrual cups are the new rave of the century and, lastly, their events, so you never miss out on them making moves.

“Bae Worldwide is about teaming up to create a safe space and a dynamic support system for women in all fields. Anybody who has an understanding of what it is to be a woman in a male-dominated industry and exudes confidence in herself is a Bae.”

There is no better way to express how these women want to inspire you to be yourself, follow your dreams and self love the cr*p out of yourself. The way they dominate the music scene is the same way they want us all to overcome the norm of how women are treated in the music industry. So, if you don’t know who Bae Worldwide is, you do now.

Girls I Rate

The name itself speaks for these independently driven women trying to make a difference in the UK scene. Girls I Rate was founded by @carlamarieuk, one of the top song writing females in the business, who has written for Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Naughty Boy and Craig David.

Girls I Rate transcend on their social platforms by creating a space for women to express their creativity. If you check their Instagram @girlsirate, you can feel the buzz these ladies are creating - pushing undiscovered artists, as well as biographies of known women in the industry to remind us that we all started somewhere.

From Spotify playlists of music you’ve not heard yet, to their #GETHEARD campaign showcasing artists under the radar who can submit demos to get featured. Always scouting young women, Girls I Rate are on the lookout for ambassadors to represent them, branching out and opening doors for the new generation.

Carla and her team epitomise Drake’s 'Started From The Bottom (Now We Here)' - making the Times Magazine, launching a stunning merch line, throwing amazing GIR parties and, most recently, hosting a GIR Arts Academy Weekender - "Giving young females in the creative industries the opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain key skills and expertise."

GIR are calling all women to pick up a pen and get them music and lyrics flowing, inspiring a new generation of female artists.

Dasha Makaroff

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