Issue 15

(Down) Underground Fringe Theatre

The Aussies like to Fringe just as much as the rest of us and Sydney’s follows the trend of its bay, its harbour and its opera house of being sprawling, and beautifully designed. Beautifully designed you ask? Yes, this year the Sydney Fringe has commissioned a festival print to embody the spirit of fringe designed by Stavroula Adametis of Frida Las Vegas, an acclaimed pop art fashion brand.


Sh!t Theatre

September 1st 8pm

& September 8th 9pm

Old 505 Theatre5 Eliza St Newtown

The irresistibly named show by UK double act Sh!t Theatre, is a quirky and delightful homage to the inimitable Dolly Parton, who is jointly worshipped by Sh!t Theatre’s Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit. The pair claim adoration for Parton based on her musical theatricality and consider her a lesbian icon. However, the narrative of the show also weaves in references to Dolly the Sheep, the original clone, to bring a delightful madcappery to the performance. But, is it just a brilliantly bizarre montage to the Dolly, both Parton and ovine? Of course not, it is in fact an intelligent reflection on a society that seeks to imitate itself. Parton was frequently asked bald questions on her looks and measurements in interviews.

The pair highlight that the fact that Dolly rejected the constructs of beauty in order to model herself on the town tramp. They also draw attention to themselves in this manner in order to remind the audience of the importance of focusing on the art not the aesthetic. The show’s performance is a fresh take on a musical with the pair duetting acapella Dolly’s answers from archived interviews including one prior to Dolly’s media persona creation where she was disarmingly candid about her life. This show combines a brilliantly framed social commentary with a genuine admiration for a living legend! Long live Dolly!

My Greatest Period Ever

Lucy Peach

Sept 13th & 14th 8.30pm

How to Period Like a Unicorn * Sept 15th @ 12 & 4

Old 505 Theatre 5 Eliza St Newtown

Lucy Peach is a self styled “Period Preacher” and she brings to Sydney Fringe her masterclass on the power of the period. Sharp witted and musically gifted, Lucy is a folk singer who combines music, science and comedy to create a guide to flipping the narrative on your menstrual cycle from, at times working against you, to always working for you.

Lucy charts how she used her own cycle to unlock her creativity and a new way of life and ultimately finish her album. It’s the true story of how teaching sex-education to high-school students turned into her writing, performing and touring My Greatest Period Ever! An eye opening must-see show for anyone who is, or loves a woman.

*Lucy also does a version of the show aimed at teenagers called How to Period Like A Unicorn to demystify and optimise the process for girls about to become women. What a legend!

Nora Costigan

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