Thinkhouse Throwback 2019

2019 has been an incredible year for THINKHOUSE and our clients.

///Frank And Honest///

Some things you might not know about our work on Frank And Honest coffee in 2019:

Frank And Honest wanted to be honest about its commitments to sustainability. The brand sources its coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms that benefit forests, communities and wildlife.

Originally the Brand Team discussed sending a film crew to South America to create an ad campaign that highlighted the brand’s efforts? But that wouldn’t reflect the Frank and Honest way of doing things!

We developed a typically-Frank-and-Honest TVC, OOH and Cinema campaign which turns the “typical sustainability ad” concept on its head.

As well as featuring in outdoor, cinema and across digital, the TVC ran on RTÉ One during its RTÉ On Climate week, showing Frank and Honest to be one of the top Irish brands putting sustainability front and centre to their business.

///Exit Entry///

The Founder and backers of new tech company, 'Exit Entry' came to Thinkhouse with a phenomenal idea - a tech platform to address the challenges that younger people face through traditional recruitment. In addition to this, employers desire to recruit in a smarter way, is a growing need for major graduate employers.

Exit Entry is an online community that helps students discover their next opportunity.

Thinkhouse worked with them via research, insights and creative strategy to develop a full brand identity, a brand world and purpose for Exit Entry in order to launch a full comms campaign to promote the platform to the consumer audience (i.e. students).

The technology powering the Exit Entry assessment process utilises a mix of human insights and scientific parameters (i.e. psychometrics) to match students and employers.

In 2020 this is a tech company to watch out for..

///Heineken Music 2019///

For Heineken, we activated across the festival season - including Indiependence, Longitude and Electric Picnic.

At Electric Picnic, Heineken Live Your Music undoubtedly had its finest moment yet.

The crowds were bigger, the acts were bigger, the music was louder, the light show took to the roof and festival goers heralded it as the best activation at the festival.

The activation took 2 weeks to build.

22 acts played over the weekend with a total of 127 people gracing the stage!

One magical wedding proposal took place during a packed out Sing Along Social making the Heineken Live Your Music stage the central location for one of the festival's most viral internet moments!

Working across our Creative (design, copy & film), Event production and PR teams our work on Heineken's music is something we're really proud of.

///World War Z///

The event was a sell out - we had so many requests to attend we opened up eventbrite five times to let more people attend ….plus, we had to borrow extra chairs from our neighbour in the Olive Café!

Our goal in undertaking this event was to create an ‘awakening moment’ and that we did - the response by attendees was phenomenal with many citing a desire to make immediate changes not just in their professional endeavours but in their personal lives too.

We’re famed for bringing playful youth energy into thought-provoking moments, but with World War Z there were more tears than laughs...on stage and off stage the kleenexes were out.

Our event kicked off at 7.44AM to coincide with the sun rising and the rise of a brand new marketing era where we put it to everyone in the room --- do you give a damn to do right by youth?

Already the impact is being felt, with our partner companies - and industry - really driving positive change through their day to day decisions.

///Lucozade Zero///

As part of the Total Liberation Corporation, where we liberate the public from the annoyances of everyday life, we followed our massively successful 2018 Tony McGregor Leap Card booth, with a plan for Mattress Mick - A Total Liberation Advice Text Line.

We harnessed the massive positive sentiment for Mattress Mick and set up a WhatsApp line where he would answer questions from the public to liberate them from their everyday woes.

People LOVE Mattress mick, we received hundreds of texts to the WhatsApp line.

The texts coming in ranged from the tongue-in-cheek to genuine queries and desires to just chat to MIck. Mick’s responses were always upbeat, positive and woven with mattressy charm.

The campaign led to great media coverage for Lucozade Zero and garnered the Photo of the Day in the Irish Times and an appearance by Mick on Ireland AM.


FREE THOUGHT FM was created by Conceptual artist Garrett Phelan and interrogated the notion of ‘free thought’ in one of Ireland’s major cultural and educational settings. It was presented over ten weeks at the Douglas Hyde Gallery.

We worked with Garrett from the get-go – from that all-important application for funding to exploring the exhibition’s concept.

At the core of the project was a 30-day temporary licensed FM radio station which operated ‘live’ from within The Douglas Hyde Gallery where Garrett performed as ‘The Artist’ and conversed with many experts on the subjects of class inequality, education and access to education.

The objective of the campaign was to increase awareness and conversation dealing directly with under-represented issues of ‘Access to Education’ and ‘Class Inequality’ in the Greater Dublin Area and to give a platform to voices that often go unheard.

We worked very closely with Garrett on all facets of FREE THOUGHT FM, from research to design, from copywriting to social media and PR in a full TTL campaign to promote the project.

///Orchard Thieves///

Thinkhouse was tasked with bringing Orchard Thieve's tagline ‘Fox It’ to life on social in a bold, creative and disruptive way.

With a digital first approach, we created a character called ‘The Scholar’ who would ready out tweets about the brand and offer followers some humorous advice, encouraging them to say ‘Fox It’ and pursue a bolder way of life.

Thinkhouse’s tight Creative Team undertook casting, writing, storyboarding, shooting and editing the full suite of ads in-house without the cumbersome layers and complexities of using an external production company - delivering an agile production that hit all the hallmarks of super-premium content.

We wanted a ‘name’ to play our scholar, someone with gravitas who could impart his ‘Fox It’ wisdom with the trademark Orchard Thieves edge and wit. We aimed high, inviting actor Ian McElhinney to front the campaign. With recent appearances on hit shows Derry Girls and Game of Thrones, the Northern Irish actor is well known and loved by our target audience. Showing up in an Orchard Thieves ad is not something our fans would expect from Ian - a traditional stage and film actor with a Shakespearean heritage. A bold move by both Ian and Orchard Thieves.

The final result is genuinely funny, premium quality suite of content that brings the Orchard Thieves community closer to the brand by making them a part of our Instagram Stories and, more importantly, our ever-evolving brand story.


5 things you mightn't know about our work with RTÉ for RTÉ On Climate, a hugely impactful, national campaign we were honoured to be part of:

1: The team at RTÉ came to Thinkhouse to create content that would excite and inspire younger viewers in the run up to RTÉ On Climate - a week focusing on climate change. RTÉ came to us with a reference image that they wanted us to replicate. Coincidentally - the image they selected was our previously created Thinkhouse Eco-anxiety picture (see below)!

2: The final RTÉ On Climate image (see gif below) was made up of 5 separate images that we shot on different locations across Dublin. The various elements in the image were the sky, the water, the cityscape and separate shots of the children and adults on the dingy. Here's the build:

3: We worked as a sounding board for RTÉs creative studio in the development of the RTÉ On Climate logo.

4: We intentionally created our Thinkhouse World War Z event to coincide with the RTÉ On Climate campaign and Youth Assembly.

5: The Youth Assembly featured 157 kids which was organised by RTÉ in partnership with the Houses of the Oireachtas.

///Electric Ireland///

Here’s 5 things you might not have known about our work with Electric Ireland in 2019:

1: For the last few years, we have worked with Electric Ireland and Pieta to promote Darkness Into Light, the annual charity walk which has become a global movement. The event helps to raise awareness about the issues of suicide and self-harm.

2: We launched the campaign with The Wall of Hope, a public mural created by the artist group Subset, unveiled by Pieta and Electric Ireland on Dublin’s Camden Row.

3: We recruited Darkness Into Light ambassadors who shared their own personal stories relating to mental health stigma.This year the campaign saw a 28% increase in editorial mentions for Darkness Into Light. There were a total of 477 editorial mentions with a potential reach of 266 million.

4: Pieta has supported over 36,000 clients since its inception.

5: Walking from Darkness into Light is like no other event in the world. It’s a poignant event that’s become a movement and we feel so privileged to be part of it.

///Barry’s Tea///

5 things you may not have known about our work with Barry's Tea in 2019:

1: We delivered Barry's Teas first-ever paid influencer campaign. We enlisted three influencers who are known fans of the brand to promote the Speciality Tea range to their audience.

2: This was the first time the brand created bespoke imagery content for its specialty tea range, for digital channels (see below).

3: Each perfectly constructed digital asset was made up of at least 4 photos, shot separately and brought together for the perfect brew of imagery.

4: Our influencers matched teas to specific moments by creating content that illustrated the moments when they consumed their Speciality Tea. This educated our audience on how our portfolio of teas can fit into their day to day life. We amplified PR activity through Social Media by delivering content showing 'Tea Moments' inspired by the new range.

5: 254 cups of Barry's Tea were consumed by our creative team during this project.

///Life Style Sports///

5 things you might now know about our newest campaign with Life Style Sports which is currently live:

1: This was bangin' ATL and in-store creative campaign designed to connect to show the multi-dimensional customer Life Style Sports has (14-22 bullseye).

2: It was the first campaign that blended Faster Stronger and Trainer Central, two of Life Style Sports biggest categories.

3: We shot on location in Dublin over 1.5 days - capturing both film and photography.

4: The critical thing for this campaign was for THINKHOUSE's creative team to demonstrate our agility.

5: The compositional fame work was all done in-house and bringing 'flame' into our creative was something we wanted to do as a modern-day, digitally-dramatised homage to retro aesthetic of the 90's flame in sports fashion.

Literally lit.

///Teching It Up A Notch///

5 things you might not know about some of our most ambitious, company events.

1: In 2019, Thinkhouse threw some of the biggest events for the countries biggest tech companies.

2: From Pride to summer, Christmas to team building, Thinkhouse filled dance floors and floats with over 10,000 guests.

3: The year was made up of 9-foot flamingos, Ireland’s tallest climbing wall, the world’s greatest Elvis impersonator, a roller disco, shisha tents, sound baths and a 90s rave!

4: We turned a garden centre into downtown Miami.

5: One of our large activations was completely solar powered.

///MyWaste /// (the Regional Waste Management Offices on behalf of the Department of Climate Action, Communications and the Environment) enlisted our help to create two important waste reduction campaigns: The Waste Less List and The Twelve Ways of Christmas Waste Reduction.

With the knowledge that Ireland is the top producer of plastic (per capita) in Europe, we were eager to help spread the message of waste reduction.

We created a total of 12 socials videos and 12 stills for the campaign.

The Creative Team built a suite of bespoke sets made from recycled materials in-house.

Four worlds were built: organic, plastic, fabric & paper, and Christmas.

///Coors Light///

Coors Light 'The Rockies' are the always-on awards that celebrate those victories in life, big and small, that often go unrewarded.

Nominations took place on social for categories like: the mate who always finds a table in a crowded pub and the mate who always gets to the airport in time for a pre-flight pint.

The awards were hosted by comedians Owen Colgan and Joanne McNally.

A lot of Joanne’s reactions in the videos are real as Owen made up jokes during filming to try and make her laugh.

Since The Rockies content launched on our social channels (in June) we saw a 400% increase in engagements YoY for the same period. Our average weekly reach grew by an incredible 58% YoY with the same level of investment.


Thinkhouse developed a fun creative for our innocent activation at All Together Now, giving a nod to the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, Goodstock was born and a weekend of love, peace and fruit + veg ensued.

In true innocent fashion, the activation we created was a fully sustainable space where everything used was either rented, recycled, recovered or rechargeable, even our power came from solar panels.

The two days were filled with fun and feel-good craft workshops which enabled festival-goers to learn, practise and take their new craft home into their own day to day lives.

In between the macramé and tie-dye workshops, live sing-along-sessions hosted by the Dublin Ukulele Choir were a firm favourite of everyone over the weekend (including the entire innocent team!)

We worked with Irish sustainable designers Attention Attire to dress the entire space.

///Hunky Dorys///

Hunky Dorys asked us to bring its iconic Buffalo to life on social. This Stampede of Flavour video (the first in a series of three) has received a stampede of interaction on social.

The giant Buffalo head featured was purchased online, but was originally white and had to be dyed and painted to look like the Hunky Dorys Buffalo.

As with much of the work featured here, everything, including the flashy animation was created in-house by our Creative Team.

Our Buffalo videos for Hunky Dory’s have performed really positively to date with a total of 1.5M impressions, an average reach of 440K and a 32% engagement rate for each video meaning that the content resonated really well with our target audience.

To date, we have delivered over 21M impressions for Hunky Dorys this year on social with a 2M unique reach. Our average engagement rate is 16%.


As a historic champion of real women and real beauty globally, this year Dove launched their #ShowUs campaign which partnered with Getty Images to create a bank of images curated for real women, by real women.

Thinkhouse's role was to align with the global campaign and launch in the Irish Market.

This was done through a three-phase PR campaign which involved sending carefully selected media/influencers on a press trip to London, hosting Dove's Global VP for a media day and coordinating a consumer-facing launch.

Contributing images of inspiring Irish women such as DJ Tara Stewart, Rugby Star, Sene Napou & Entrepreneur, Izzy Wheels to the global bank of Getty Images, we created a suite of beautiful assets that seamlessly aligned with the global look & feel of #ShowUS.

The campaign was a resounding success generating over 4 Million in reach & smashing KPIs by 300%

///Griffith College///

Griffith College came to THINKHOUSE for a complete brand platform overhaul, the first done in over three years.

We conducted research and insights work with actual, real, past and present Griffith College students to uncover the real benefits to studying there.

Through our research we discovered how challenging the future of careers and education will be - for example, it is estimated that 40% of jobs will be automated by 2030.

For our current generation of students, it is thought that they will likely have an average of 14 jobs in their career - prompting our campaign platform focus around keeping an "Eye on the Future".

///Heineken Rugby///

In 2019, we set out to own the biggest and best moments in rugby in the build-up to Rugby World Cup™ Japan, 2019, and not just the 80 minutes. Official proud partner of the biggest rugby event on the planet, Heineken® was keen to reaffirm its position as the number one brand associated with rugby within an incredibly crowded space in Ireland.

The return of the first Off The Ball Heineken Rugby Club Roadshow of the year in advance of the Heineken Champions Cup Final in May set the tone, before a media tour of the Webb Ellis Cup with Peter O’Mahony and John Barclay kicked off Rugby World Cup™ Japan, 2019 fever in earnest.

A launch event like no other, Star In Japan, followed which featured The Mauling of Stephen Ferris – a comedy panel show led by one of the funniest men in comedy Mario Rosenstock. The karaoke competition saw five up-for-it rugby fanatics battle it out to winner tickets to the hottest tournament of the year. To top things off, we sent Danny O’Reilly, frontman of The Coronas, off to Japan with his pal Kyman Power for some insta-stories that brought Irish fans closer to the action.

The campaign was a huge success, with a reach of almost 19m for media coverage in key publications and broadcast outlets across the country, cementing Heineken’s position as the number one brand associated with rugby in Ireland.

For the 2019 Rugby World Cup, we developed Heineken's creative content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our suite of assets were tailor-made to each venue host for the Rugby World Cup, with an attention to detail that eager rugby fans appreciate. We collaborated with Barcelona-based sports tech experts Genius&Gerry and each 3D stadium was used for the real-time match content across Heineken's international social channels as well as Heineken's Irish channels.


Whilst Ireland was going Rugby World Cup mad, to build awareness that Bull’s-Eye sauces bring the ultimate, authentic, American BBQ taste and are the perfect accompaniment for every meat occasion, we secured BBQ fanatic and the perfect ambassador for the brand: Cian Healy.

We announced the Bull's-Eye range of sauces, introducing our advocate and Bull's-Eye ambassador in media, before hosting a full day of media interviews with Cian.

On the same day, we hosted a city-centre BBQ event for media and influencers to attend, hosted by Cian, with some Bull's-Eye fans bagging the chance to come along in the weeks leading up, on social.

We more than tripled our target for relevance and reach with over 38 pieces of coverage and a media reach of 7 million.

We served out over 1.4m impressions with a 16% engagement rate. And we got to enjoy a delicious barbecue cooked by Cian himself. Yum.

///MyImpact/// recently launched MyImpact, an app dedicated to helping reduce household waste by asking people to think carefully about what they buy.

Household consumption contributes to more than 60% of global GHG emissions which is why we are excited about helping them deliver this important message.

The MyImpact app enables Irish users to set and track waste reduction goals, while also providing a map of retailers who can help achieve these targets.

This ambitious film to promote the launch was all shot in one day.

Download the MyImpact app on the Google Play store, recommend it to friends and family, and remember, when it comes to waste, prevention is better than cure.

///Institute of Art Design & Technology///

We created a social media campaign to attract leaving cert students to IADT's many courses.

The campaign consisted of a hero video and multiple course videos that were fresh, engaging and completely on tone for the college.

We devised a tailor-made social buying approach, aimed at retargeting potential candidates with the new course specific videos.

Work was lauded by the college lectures for its look, feel and effectiveness.

///Tony's Chocolonely///

We were tasked with bringing fame to Tony’s Chocolonely, the ethical chocolate company committed to making the chocolate industry 100% slavery-free.

2.5 million farming families across Ghana and Ivory Coast produce 60% of the world’s cocoa, and 2.1 million children are illegally employed to work this land. Tony’s Chocolonely wants to change this and become “a social-impact company that happens to sell chocolate

We made sure that every media house and newsrooms were filled with Tony’s eye-catching retail units along with the comprehensive story of their mission. Allowing journalists to learn their story and the facts of slavery in chocolate production, while enjoying the quality of Tony’s chocolate offering.

Using our in-depth knowledge of the influencer landscape, we sourced influencers we knew want to create positive social impact. We gifted them one of Tony’s gorgeous “Rainbow Boxes” featuring the whole range. We only asked that they listen to the Tony’s story and enlighten someone they know would also care. And so our ‘Chain of Change’ was born.

Within weeks, we built an organic network of genuine fans, who are now partners of our mission to share the story of slavery (and delicious chocolate) with their network. This is the kind of earned awareness that brands are envious of - but it can only be achieved by brand missions that are truly purposeful.

///Ben & Jerry's///

This year, to launch Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria, a lighter ice cream, we created the World's Lightest Scoop Shop.

The hot air balloon used for this sky-high activation came all the way from Ben & Jerry's HQ in Vermont.

With the hot air balloon tethered in Merrion Square, Ben & Jerry’s fans won the opportunity to enjoy a ride in the balloon while they indulged in a taste of Moo-phoria!

The campaign had a reach of 808,000 with 16 media and influencers in attendance, and 18 stories and pieces of content shared.

Containing 128-132 calories per serving, Moo-phoria is the lightest way to enjoy the euphoria of Ben & Jerry’s.


In addition to these campaigns, The Youth Lab delivered some high-level strategic projects on an international, as well as local, level for major brands within the FMCG, Lifestyle and Tech sectors. These projects are often highly sensitive and we are therefore precluded from including those in our THROWBACK.