New ideas can be scary. Sometimes, working within the confines of briefs and strategies, innovative creative ideas can get rejected or become diluted because we cannot provide ‘proof that it works.’

To help solve this problem, many many years ago we gave birth to ‘F*ck It Friday’. FIF is an experiment in creative freedom with no defined deliverable output. Once a month, a cross-section of talent from the agency gets stuck in and throws caution to the wind in a bid to do new, bold, free-form creative work.

This month, our Creative Tech Team wanted to flex their 3D Design and Animation muscles and as always, they dazzled us with an excellent piece of content to use as room dressing for our recent 'Game On' marketing event.

The content captures the spirit of gaming and each member of our in house Creative Tech Team (Dave, Mark, Dave B & Sarah) built out the different scenes from the gaming aesthetic of their choice - drawing on their own love of video games for inspiration. The aim was to demonstrate the diverse skill sets they each bring to the team while also showcasing the innovative nature of this brilliant team's work.

The project was made in Cinema 4D and rendered, textured and lit using OctaneRender. The various different scenes reference specific existing games as well as the blending of different styles and aesthetics from across the gaming world. As always, our F*ck It Friday work serves as inspiration for clients on new content briefs. And we all say, F*ck It -let's do more great pieces of content like this!

"I had so much fun making these 'Game On' pieces for the Thinkhouse X Marketing Society event. As we were given a lot of creative freedom with this project, I was delighted to be able to select games that played a big part in my childhood/teen years. It was only when I was given this chance to create snapshot nods to these games, that I used to so fully lose myself in, that I could again fully appreciate how impressive the world-building was, and how powerful a storytelling tool design can be. I made three pieces for the event. The first featured Crash Bandicoot - nostalgic and iconic! The second was based on the Mortal Kombat & Street Fighter franchises, hugely popular fighting games whose looks and sounds are still heavily present in pop culture today. Lastly, a gaming series couldn't be complete for me without a first-person shooter scene, so I had to go for a zombie/demon riddled moment inspired by the classics of the genre - Resident Evil, Doom & Left 4 Dead. 10/10 would 'Game On' again!"

-Sarah McKeever, Creative Tech Team

"The ‘Game On’ pieces I created for the Thinkhouse x Marketing Society event were inspired by video games that I personally have sunk a ton of hours into, and were also awe-inspiring in their own way. I find video games with a great narrative and story-telling very appealing; which is why I created a piece referencing the dark, gritty game, God of War. The game left a lasting impression on me as it made me interested in Nordic mythology, I even got a tattoo referencing Odin’s Valkyries. Apart from story-led games, I am also very interested in stylistic, creative, world-building games, which are the videos I made referencing Minecraft and Animal Crossing, these are two games that give you creative freedom and an escape to a different world. In general, video games are my outlet to escape and be inspired. I don’t play video games as intensely as I used to so I’m very picky with the games I invest my time with, which is why the opportunity to create video pieces for this event inspired by games that I love was an honor and an homage in a way."

-Mark Luna, Creative Tech Team

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New ideas can be scary. Sometimes, working within the confines of briefs and strategies, innovative creative ideas can become diluted because we don't have ‘proof...